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Grant Peter Colyer
Aug 06, '17

The Grant Colyer Files

Grant is the real deal. He describes himself as a "Universal Medium" and also as "Mr Validator" due to his phenomenal record of accuracy of data retrieval. He is quite simply a trans dimensional communicator. Together with his spirit guide Michael they are able to fluently bridge the gap between our reality of the physical universe and the virtual reality of the fine matter universe with ease and panache.

I am his Doctor Watson and I shall humbly attempt to record our psychic adventures in researching our many clients past lives. This is based on collected notes and documentary evidence, including photographs showing that we often look the same, thus it is rooted firmly in the NOW moment recorded at the TIME and SPACE they occurred.

So to conclude be prepared to be fascinated and astounded by the complexity of personal history that is to be found in each of us.

Dr Ian C Baillie August 6, 2017.

An Exceptional Man

Grant is an exceptional man born with the ability to communicate through and across dimensions of space time and beyond into the realms of the dark matter universe.

I shall attempt to record our many psychic adventures for posterity and to leave a lasting record of our remarkable discoveries and achievements. As with any stable principle there needs to be a triangle and the third pillar of our collaboration is Grant's spirit guide Michael to whom I am eternally indebted. Together we form what I call in my own Holmesian way the "Grant Colyer Psychic Detective Agency."

Universal Medium

You can't put this man in a box!

Grant describes himself as a Universal Medium, Celebrity Psychic and as Mr Validator but he is much more than that. He is an erudite curious human that has intelligence way beyond his situation in life. He is in short a gifted multi talented polymath.

He was born with an astounding ability to perceive the invisible realms and fully developed his talents into clairaudience.

Clairaudience, which means clear hearing, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world. Psychics who are clairaudient hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. They receive these messages mentally or within their ears.

Early Days

Raised on a lonely farm in the rural countryside near Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom, some forty years ago he found his isolation helped him to focus and develop his abilities. For the old farmhouse was alive with spirits and centred on a major energy ley line accentuated by chalk and water. An interdimensional portal if you will.

He called the nightly apparitions he could see "jelly men" or "bubble men" from the tender age of six although they had always been present from the beginning. There was also the shadow spectre of an old man with a top hat who could often be seen through his window at the front gate but far from being fearful as a normal boy would he was curious to discover more about them. Thus he earnestly strove to comprehend his nightly visitors, visions and experiences.

It is a tribute to his indomitable curiousity and intellect that he at such an early age should take control of the paranormal situation that he found himself born into.

Spirit School

Conventional schooling for Grant was a non starter. It simply bored his curious mind, it was a hindrance and it further reinforced his isolation. Aged 14 he would nightly engage in automatic writing and over a two year period Spirit taught him to harness his exceptional abilities.

His spirit guide was with him from the beginning, a powerful soul energy by the name of Michael. Not the Archangel of the same name as one would assume but a technical fellow who latterly was a dentist in the physical realm.

It is this partnership working in tandem that I have witnessed first hand on numerous occasions. A truly remarkable dynamic duo.

Quantum Deductions

As far as I can deduce from my background in quantum physics our consciousness inhabits the fine matter universe composed of dark matter with its associated quantum field of dark energy both of which are not subject to temporal constraints as there everything literally exists in an eternal NOW.

Our collective mortal lives are clearly rooted in the three dimensional space time continuum in order to give meaning to our experiences and existence. The physical limitations of this are defined by the speed of light for photons are interchangeable with electrons thus data can transverse the spacial void then on colliding with matter impart that data. We rely implicitly on our 5 senses without which we would be a consciousness locked in a black box. Thus TIME is born out of our consciousness stringing together a series of NOW moments in order to project a story line. Imagine being able to access those information streams from the NOW and bring them into the present conscious moment. This is what Grant and Michael do. They bridge the gap between worlds and dimensions. The client then is privy to an overview of their own recent if not entire learning cycle of reincarnation.

Armed with this information they are better informed to understand exactly who and what they are. Also why they may find themselves in the current learning situation called life at this particular time. The Earth is a school and each complex lesson is known as a life. Individual chapters are written in the NOW but humans have not been able to read their own book openly. So we must find a way to access this bible of personal knowledge and experience. I predict that future humans will learn to develop ways of using their brain modem more efficiently either naturally or by augmentation.

In the present Grant is the answer, plus genuine mediums of his caliber, not the Victorian type charlatans interested only in victim exploitation and financial remuneration. This could be happening right NOW as we may be in the process of a galactic upgrade to our DNA via the influx of cosmic energy bombarding the Earth from the heart of the Milky Way our home galaxy. This has long been predicted by the Ancient Maya and the Indian Verdic understanding of the Time Cycles.

The human brain modem is one of the finest instruments in the universe but also the most disregarded and abused. In reality there is only the NOW, past present and future and all collide within discret bubbles of space time. With mastery of ourselves we become Timelords. Our many physical selves scattered through the current time bubble combine together to give us a new confidence based of an informed NOW moment.

Russian Dolls

We are in short like a Russian Doll, we are shadow projections of our higher consciousness composed of many interlocking layers, the physical body, the etheric body, the conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind and divine soul. The universe appears to be a giant data storage and retrieval system of which humanity is a vital component. For we are fractal droplets of the one consciousness experiencing its own creation. Also we are place approximately half way in scale between the very big (Quasars) and very small (Quarks) in organised collections of aggregated particles of matter.

Our lives and experiences are merely that machine exploring the infinite myriad of possibilities that exist in the universal dream.

I am a battle hardened spirit tempered in the fires of a thousand billion conflicts across space time but I am also a spiritual work in progress, rough and imperfect.

A bullet wound to my head in 1917 (my immediate past life) allowed me to be born in this life with a more complex blood supply and plumbing system to my brain modem than other humans. This gives me the ability to access my subconscious which I can read as one reads the internet using broadband. However, up to now I have not been able to help other people read their own subconscious, now with Grant and Michael as a team we can.

Internet Analogy

Our body is like the familiar smart phone but composed of organic matter and water. Our DNA is our software code. The universe is like the internet, the brain a modem to access that information and each of us has a personal website that can be read as can the websites and connections between members of soul groups and humans in general. Phones and bodies come and go but the information accumulates and can be downloaded to the NOW moment. We are in truth all interconnected and entangled at the quantum level!

Grant can access the inner levels of a client much deeper and more thoroughly than myself. He can discover the links through time that bring us together in the present. He can even see probable time lines of future personal events.

The joy of which has meant that we have read and given to people their own personal history and then through research validated that they actually existed, that they are true memories and most of all that they looked the same. Portraits and photographs even movies exist of our clients in their previous existences. Our facial features only change slowly over time and the eyes especially change very little for they are the window of the soul. In corroboration my extensive knowledge of history is able to pin point the dates places and events to research documents and periods of history showing that Grant who has no knowledge of history has a high degree of accuracy. Our awareness of date is fluid as in the past many of us had no idea what the date was! Also the many calendars that exist in history and cultures further confuse the issue. Plus the constant altering and adjustment by the Church mainly in Western culture further complicates accuracy e.g. Julian to Gregorian Calendar.

Time Adjustment

To get the calendar back in sync with astronomical events like the vernal equinox or the winter solstice, a number of days were dropped. The papal bull issued by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, decreed that 10 days be dropped when switching to the Gregorian Calendar. The Julian calendar had assumed a full year is 365.25 days whereas it is actually 11 minutes less. This was coincidental with the advent of Galileo's discovery of the pendulum which made clocks more accurate and thus time measurement more accurate.


The reading then becomes validated through such minutiae of detail and the recipient is then able to understand their present situation. Why they like certain languages, places visited on holiday, food, music, cultures, periods of history and most important of all why we instantly like or love someone. Conversely we may dislike or loathe someone for no apparent logical reason. This appears to be that we have crossed swords or loved those souls before. Then in this life we are experiencing a change in roles, situations or even sexes to experience what they experienced. We say that history repeats; it is true. Time appears fractal in nature composed of repeating convoluted spirals or echoes of events. The same souls swapping partners in a dance through time to experience the flip side of the coin.

Our soul group composed of our soul mates and our one soul twin flame are intimately entwined in this beautiful tapestry of existence. For me that is the joy of this work. To consciously know why we are together, what binds us at the deeper level and to then love with comprehension and passion. For love is the glue that binds us all together and at the end of the day the most important feature of existence is to live and love fully in the NOW moment.

Becoming Whole

Clarity brings comprehension, forgiveness of one's self and self healing. For in order to be whole we must embrace our own negativity, we must reconcile our negative dark side with our positive light side in order to bring harmony and unison to our soul. Only then will we have peace of mind and a full meaningful connection with the holographic physical matrix of existence.

So without further ado let us like psychic pioneers set out across the prairie wilderness of the unexplored mind to discover the true magnificence of our interconnectivity with each other and the universe.

Aug 06, '17
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