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Grant Colyer Universal Medium
May 04, '15

Yesterday Sunday May 3, 2015 I had the pleasure of witnessing Celebrity Psychic Grant Colyer in action plus talking at length with him.

Ten people in Ten half an hour slots! Five hours of straight marathon clairvoyance and clairaudience. Every person being read was given highly accurate information of an extremely personal nature by spirit. Many loving deceased relatives taking advantage of the channel to impart thoughts and messages along with the other more general information.

A Gift

Grant first realised he had special gift when he was six. At that time he lived in an old farmhouse and encountered many spirits. One in particular was witnessed by many people. Often they would see an old man walking up the path when they looked out of a widow.

Shadow People

Later Grant saw shadow people that would take human form with a "jelly like outline." He got used to their presence and began to realise that they existed in another frequency dimension.

One such had a top hat similar to the one above caught on film.

Full Powers

As an adolescent Grant developed his abilities by intense automatic writing over a two year period. He would lock himself in his darkened room lit only with a candle and write copious notes from spirit. This accelerated his "training" and he became a medium.

Working with Nature

For sixteen years he work as a greens man for a golf club near Dartford. His knowledge of grass is extensive! A healthy outdoor life is often a good way of communing with nature.


As with all of us feeling the energy changes and opportunities offered by this unique time on Earth his profile rose in the media.

The X Factor and other such TV appearances coupled with radio helped to propel his career meteoricaly. As did Sky television.

Past Lives

Grant can remember many past lives, at least 11 clearly as I can.

Shot by the SS

Last life he remembers being Jewish and killed by the Nazis. Grant said he was shot in the back by the SS after digging his own grave in an all too familiar scenario. This is a common occurrence to people killed suddenly and so quickly that they fail to realise that they no longer have a physical 3D body. I have heard this many times in my research interviews. Grant is so powerful as a psychic being that he can be physically present in different bodies at the same physical time. This is known as quantum entanglement in physics and as consciousness appears to be a quantum phenomenon it is entirely consistent with our findings. As with my own case I was physically present in two bodies from 1897 to 1912. As "I" aged towards 84 in America my consciousness was already migrating and my focus changing to my next body in Germany. There was no need for reflection in the ether as much work had to be undertaken on the Earth plane which was of a higher purpose.


Grant operates with a spirit guide called Michael who "walked with him in Biblical times." Grant has crucifixion marks on the palms of his hands and a letter M indented in his third eye on his forehead.

He may well have been Matthew who walked with Yeshua. Sami has encountered the Christ consciousness on two occasions which led to a profound acceleration of her abilities.

In discussion Grant revealed a deep and accurate knowledge of the workings of the universe which accords with my discoveries and knowledge base. I therefore hope to be able to help him understand the new quantum scientific view point so that he can become more acquainted with the current vocabulary.

Fully aware of his Sirian Star heritage he has a knowledge base that does not need expanding so I humbly hope just to argument his understanding so that he can communicate proficiently with the scientific community.

I feel as he does that we are here to raise humanities awareness of the bigger picture. We shall continue to work towards this goal for many years. The universe is more weird and wonderful than anything humanity can imagine.

We are not separate from the universe, we are part of it and in helping others we help our own spiritual progress, for we are all on the same journey.



I went to see Grant on Friday May 8th, just after the UK General Election. We talked about quantum physics and his work. Afterwards in a Marathon one and a half hour session he did a reading. I can report that it was mind blowingly accurate continuously. My father came through as the main contributor, my mother, step father, Grand father plus a host of detailed information about close friends of mine from this life still alive. There is no way he could have physically known such detailed information.

My father who past in 1976 settled in and had a "conversation". It was an extremely interesting experience and provided a wealth of detail which I can easily verify. The most impressive was my fathers medals, totally accurate, a ribbon missing, the colours of the ribbons, the one with a bar and the one he was most proud of the Bronze Africa Star. He mentioned this twice in the reading and I was amazed to find that there were two identical sets but only one star. Grant certainly deserves the sorbriquet Mr Validator.

We plan to collaborate on talks and such in the future as science now moves into the future and people will want to understand how this works in terms of quantum physics.

May 04, '15
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