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Grant Colyer X-Files

Grant is the real deal. He describes himself as a "Universal Medium" and also as "Mr Validator" due to his phenomenal record of accuracy of data retrieval. He is quite simply a trans dimensional communicator. Together with his spirit guide Michael they are able to fluently bridge the gap between our reality of the physical universe and the virtual reality of the fine matter universe with ease and panache.

I am his Doctor Watson and I shall humbly attempt to record our psychic adventures in researching our many clients past lives. This is based on my collected observation notes and subsequent researched documentary evidence, including photographs showing we often look the same, exhibit the same behaviours and display the same characteristics, so is rooted firmly in the NOW. To conclude, be prepared to be fascinated and astounded by the complexity of personal history that is to be found in the story that is each of us.

Dr Ian C Baillie August 6, 2017.

Psychic evidence for what the beep is going on. We can all develop the skill.

Military involvement in remote viewing and psychic warfare.







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