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Panama Jacques
Oct 13, '16

The Universe has a sense of humour!!!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Everything is hidden in plain sight in the matrix. The whole of atomic reality appears to be a giant thought construct. Here is a good example!

I purchased this sea grass planter's hat in Florida in the mid 90s. I've worn it every summer since, some 20 odd years. Look closely at the manufacturers name!

Panama Jack! Raveneau de Lussan's Buccaneering took place in and around Panama!!!!

With a stroke of intuition and guessing that the universe was living up to it's fun and games I "remembered" / guessed my name had to be Jacques (Jack) in French!

I was right!!!! 😂😂😂

So the answer has been perched on my head these last 20 years. Literally not under but on top of my nose!!!!

Raveneau is a nickname I had with the various crews I served with. My birth name had to be something more conventional.


We swim in a sea of answers the trick is to figure out what is the question!

Oct 13, '16
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