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My Life Raveneau de Lussan

Following a 5 hour reading from my psychic Grant Colyer on February 28, 2016 four new past lives were revealed and one other confirmed. Having now come to terms and comprehensively understood my WW1/WW2 German life as Kurt Daluege I decided to investigate the next one with most detail. It is much easier when one knows what one is looking for! The embrassing fact is that these are all hidden in plain sight under our very own nose!

I was given the following information:

Much pillaging, a French pirate, drowned off the north coast of Menorca in 1708 in an arms deal gone sour with 3 Spanish ships that decided to take the cannon and powder being sold without paying for it. "Do you know a Paolo?" Grant asked without breaking the train of data. I smiled as I wrote down the stream of information. "He was your brother then."

Silently I was totally amazed for I had met Paolo an excellent musician and guitarist in Menorca the previous late November. Plus I was due to return there the very next week in early March.

"You will find a monument with many names on it that will make you very emotional." I assumed that he alluded to my up coming trip? He then moved swiftly on to my life as a Chinese money lender!

You will be able to follow the discovery in the articles that follow. Enjoy!









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