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Head Wound
Jul 08, '17

Psychic Warrior

The reason I have the ability to remember past lives is that I have an extra blood supply via more complex plumbing to my brain. Specifically the rear left which I discovered is the part of the brain responsible for accessing the subconscious.

This was discovered when I had a suspected stroke in 2009. The head scan was unlike any other the strike consultant Mr Hargrove had seen. So unusual in fact that he said he would write a paper on it.

"You are not built like any other human I have seen" He said.

A few weeks later during a check up I asked him if it would account for my ability to remember my past lives. Surprisingly he said - Yes! As I would have access to more blood and oxygen thus making my brain in that section more active.

The Head Wound

I my previous life as Kurt Daluege General der Ordnungspolizei I received a head and shoulder wound in 1917. Up until now I had puzzled over exactly where in my skull the bullet wound had occurred. Finally recently Alecx Schultz of Adelaide who is on daily psychic contact with my old friend Reinhard Heydrich her soul twin sent me a photograph I had not come acrossed. The answer was clear. It was exactly where my complex plumbing is in this life!

I know from other wounds that the etheric body remembers the scaring especially if the person has lived along time after it has healed.

This then seems to be the case. My ability is directly due to my head wound in my previous life.

Other Cases

David Moorhouse gained extraordinary psychic abilities after being struck in the helmet by a bullet. Luckily the Kevlar helmet saved his life but his skull was still damaged.

He wrote at length about his experiences subsequent to the wounding in his book Psychic Warrior published in the 90s. I remember reading it approximately 20 years ago.

So now we know.....

Jul 08, '17
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