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Daluege in Colour
Jan 13, '17

Hitler's Day Of German Art 1938 The Programme Of The Procession First Published As 'Zweitausend Jahre Deutsche Kunst Festzug Am Tag Der Deutschen Kunst Zu Munchen 1938'

An excerpt can be viewed here:

In my research I came across some rare home movie footage of this famous event in Nazi Germany. Colour footage of the Day of German Art 1938 is a fascinating insight into the mind and the world of German thought at that crucial high point just before World War 2. What was even more remarkable was being able to see "myself" in contemporary looking colour, moving and interacting with the main characters of that time.

Using my iPhone camera I was able to grab some still shots of "myself" in order to study and analyse.

An Invocation of Ancient Rome

Adolph Hitler was obsessed with Ancient Rome as with most Western cultures that seek to emulate a lasting impression in this planet. I prefer Ancient Greece as my Gladiator memories tend to bias me against the Romans!

This theme setting the scene in München 1938 is amply illustrated here.

What better than to link the heroic Germanic knights of old with the triumphant Eagles of Roman.

It all smacks of a Hollywood facade but if enough people believe in the illusion then it becomes real

Inspecting with Adolf

In the opening shots of the film I found myself accompanying the Führer in inspecting the proceedings. Being 6 foot 3 at the time it was easy to pick "myself" out from the melee of officials. I'm dressed in my Prussian Officer's uniform as we are inspecting the Army and I served as a Prussian Officer in WW1. The distinctive cuff braid is easy to spot.

I am on the edge of the frame in most of these pictures so click on the image to expand.

I'm being very careful to stay in step with the Führer! Even in this life I have coordination problems keeping in step with marching! I have to consciously make an effort in order to maintain the coordinated pace. It is so evident here that it tells me that I have the same problem now and then. I am an individual and do not find it easy to conform to any discipline movement unless I initiate my conscious mind.

Explaining stuff to people

Interestingly in these two photos I'm engaged explaining a piece of art to an Italian visitor. In this life I've been a teacher and spent my whole life explaining stuff to people mainly students and pupils! My mannerisms in the film whilst doing the explaining are exactly like they are now.

Fascinating to watch. Unbelievable in fact.

Key Moments in History

Peace in our time! Neville Chamberlain's visit to Munchen in 1938 was a key moment and there "I" am walking behind him with Reinhard Heydrich. In this life my father constantly remarked on this key event as when Chamberlain step off of the aeroplane and waved the piece of paper declaring the famous phrase, "Peace in Our Time" it meant that he was discharged from the Army and could take up his job as a Palestine Policeman. The event and my father being a Policeman as Kurt Daluege was is an amazing non coincidence.

Walking with the Führer

The last image is particularly haunting as it depicts a walk in the mountains with Adolph Hitler; just the two of us engaged in conversation. Taken at Berchtesgaden which is a German town in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border. South of the town, was Hitler's Eagles Nests retreat the photo was taken near there.

In this life I've been past that area and visited several times but never actually to Berchtesgaden. William Baillie and my Landsknecht self also visited those areas including Munchen several times in their lives. So we can see how we return to the same geographical places in several lives. It is even the reason I bought a BMW car whilst living in Germany; it's the old "Munich connection."

Jan 13, '17
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