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The Discovery
Oct 05, '16

January 2016 following the Cologne/Köln) New Year Incidents and associated repercussions of the mass immigration into Germany of Middle Eastern people I was profoundly disturbed emotionally. The failing of Law and Order that occurred triggered as yet unknown empathy with the German people. I was well aware of the UN plans and those of the elite to culturally undermine the German national identity and create the chaos necessary for a totalitarian regime and EU Super State. As it turned out I had seen all this happen before, hence the emotional memory surfacing like a behemoth from the depths of my psyche.

A Message from Spirit

Then from out of the blue came a message from Gettysburg, PA. It was from Henry my good friend Cathe Fulton's faithful spirit guide. Henry was Henry Harrison a Shakespearean actor and scout for General James Longstreet CSA during the Gettysburg Campaign 1863. My association with Gettysburg is well documented in other articles, as is my two American lives.


Ian, Henry has just this minute asked me to inform you that you should very well sense endearment for many years to the Scandinavian lands, more specifically, to Norway. You were then Harald Sigurdsson. You were born in Norway in 1015, died in battle in 1066.

Further: Cathe talking in reply to Thomas Wilde,

I've had no time to look anything up as yet, Tom... I can't help but to assume that you may possibly have been there, along with Ian... being your knowledge of the name of the battle. Henry's suddenly bursting out with data, I can't barely keep up with him. will be back on again soon.


I was immediately wary as I dislike intensely the idea of being famous or what we now call celebrity. Plus I am most definitely a Republican!


However I was well aware of my profound affinity with Norway and being a Viking which is one of my strongest memories. Harald's journeys and experiences did resonate with me but I needed some independent verification to even begin to contemplate this strange announcement. I therefore made an appointment to see my good friend and powerful psychic Grant Colyer. "Would Grant and his spirit guides correlate this information in a blind experiment with no previous knowledge."

Confirmation and Revelation

I phoned Grant, without hesitation upon my request for a reading he stated," Is it to do with you being Royalty?"

I nearly collapsed in amazement at the directness and tone of his voice but then burst into an audible," How did you know?" Followed by a laugh.

Leaving my comment hanging in the air I proceeded to make an appointment for 2pm February 28, 2016.

I was determined not to give Grant any further clues so directed the conversation to more general matters.

The Reading

Being my second personal reading with Grant I had established protocols for the visit. I would make notes and say as little as possible, thus no extraneous clues would be given. I would allow Grant and his guides to do their thing, whatever that may be. It is important to realise that spirit tells you what you need to know, NOT what you want to know!

It is what it is, that's the bottom line.

Nothing however had prepared me for the spiritual barrage of information that followed in an epic 5 hour session. Spirit was actually metaphorically leaping up and down to ram home the messages.

Within minutes I was in profound shock at the utterance,"You were very high up in the SS."

"Oh feck, that's not good!" I exclaimed followed by,"and I'm such a nice person."

Transmogrified I sat dazed as I made my notes hurriedly scribbling down every morsel of information Grant was revealing.

Specific details emerged of several lives including independent confirmation of the "Hard" Viking life and being, "Viking Royalty." A French Pirate that drowned off the north coast of Menorca in 1708, Attila the Hun with specific dates, Ghengis Kahn and a Jin Chan Chinese Money lender! Several people in my life were specifically mentioned by name as being associated with me in the WW2 life and the French Pirate life.

The key word was "Pillaging!" but pillaging due to necessity and for a higher purpose.

"Pillaging WTF!" I thought... A strange archaic term yet so specifically. Again it was so at odds with my giving and helpful nature in this life.

Totally dazed by the mental pounding I sat and chatted with Grant about his connection to WW2 and being Jewish and shot by German soldiers.


Next day early in the morning with many many questions going around in my mind all night, I hit up Google and typed "SS Officieren" into the search engine.

A quick search of images caused me to recoil in instant recognition and profound deep shock, OMG!

Apparently I had been without doubt Oberstgruppenführer und Oberstgeneral der Polizei Kurt Daluege, the old adage of, "If it flies like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck!" was never more so true.

Upon reading his biography, my speaking German, living in Germany in this life and why I don't like tight things around my neck became all too apparent; he had been hung. A catalogue of other details emerged in an outpouring of self revelation and realisation.

The shock deepened into a deep sadness at the sight of so many pictures of historic events with "me" looking like an out of place time traveller.

Even München/Munich 1938 in colour! Kurt Daluege is to the right of Neville Chamberlain's head immediately behind him.

I have been reluctant to come forward with this information due to the bitter memories it raises especially for those that suffered and especially those still alive. I feel however that it is necessary to document my findings comprehensively for future study so that we may learn the lessons of history and not repeat them.

A Major Discovery

I noticed straight away that Kurt Daluege was born 1897 and Baillie Kell died 1912 yet I have memory of both! Up until now I had thought previous lives were linear in chronology! Time being a fractal spiral with particular scenarios being echoed. Yet here we can see Consciousness is truly a quantum phenomenon for "I" was simultaneously physically present for 15 years in two different physical locations on this planet.

Another first!

I have several theories as to why this is possible and they with my colleagues theories and insights will be presented in a separate article. I shall also present specific evidence related to this case in subsequent articles too.

A Photographic Legacy

The sheer number of photographs, documents and even two books the "I" wrote is totally overwhelming yet equally fascinating to behold. Also colour moving film of "The Day of Culture" 1938 taken in München by an amateur enthusiast add yet another dimension to the ability to study a previous life in detail. For me personally it is extremely spooky to say the least!

Giving Hitler some "advice" the look on faces of the other two officers are priceless.

Reviewing the Cavalry. Considering my precious life immediately before being in the American Civil War and the 5th Georgia Cavalry Regiment this photo has particular is particularly poignant.

My wife refuses to let me by some lederhosen! This explains why I wanted to buy them!!!

A typical stance of mine.

The Moriarty stance! I still shoot pistol exactly like this!!! I have shot both the Luger P08 and Walther P38. The Lüger holds an affection due to the name Georg Luger/Kurt Daluege/Da Luger being homophones.

An iconic complex toggle operated semi automatic pistol which is a natural pointer.

Recognising everyone as part of a team is something I still do.

Colour film is always more eerie as it looks contemporary. Same build, same face, unbelievable to see!

I was 6 foot 3 inches tall! In this life 6 foot. Very similar.

Reviewing the troops. Many lives involved with soldiers hence my large collection and lifelong interest in model soldiers.


All a bit of a shock! Still speechless!!!!


The Colonel of the 5th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry regiment and later Brigadier General Robert H Anderson CSA went on to become Chief of Police in Savannah, Georgia after the war.

My prolonged wishing for something similar obviously translated into this life above. So as the Chinese say, "Becareful what you wish for!" it might just come true. ....

Oct 05, '16
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