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My Life Kurt Daluege

Due to the importance of this monumental discovery I have decided to publish the truth as one should embrace one's own negativity in order to be whole and complete spiritually. The utter profound shock of this discovery is still reverberating in my mind and I can only be thankful that I did not discover this until I was spiritually advanced enough to cope with the seismic magnitude of its implications.

I should state right from the outset that I have no political views in this life nor affiliations. I am not and never have been a racists as I embrace Thomas Paine's philosophical statement, "The World is my country and to do good is my religion."

If anything this is a timely reminder that events can spiral out of control despite your best intentions and that you find yourself in a living nightmare that has caused so much trauma and spiritual karma.

I have worked with past life concentration camp victims and the guards that suffered mentally as a result of their actions carrying out immoral acts and actions. They all carry their mental scarring into this life with a vengence. Healing, forgiveness and understanding occurs when they accept the root cause of their trauma in a moment of self revelation, which I have witnessed on many occasions.













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