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Jul 05, '20

Whilst in my Landsknecht life I soldiered in Italy.

I wanted to tour the cities and sights; old habits die hard! Time is an illusionary concept and I have revisit many geographic places this lifetime.

Blending in with the Crowd

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

I started to unwrap the soft package and my mind began to intuit the nature of its contents through touch. I guessed it was clothing and could see it was black; the plot thickened. A hood appeared shrouding a grey T shirt bearing a Jeanne d’Arc image but it was a black hoodie that gripped my attention. Obviously, Lilly was trying to make me trendy! Then I opened it up fully and suddenly leapt up from the table. For there emblazoned on the front was the white cross of the Black Brethren in perfect mathematical proportion exactly as I had seen it on Lilly in my flash back timeslip. My mouth gaped open in astonishment, Lilly clicked continuously away on her camera and giggled.

“Now I know for sure that I have got it right! Your reaction confirms it.”

I was rendered speechless as tears of emotion and remembrance welled up in my eyes. I traced the outline with my finger and the touch confirmed that it was real and not illusory. Regaining control of myself, I could see that it had been beautifully hand stitched in appliqué onto the chest of the midnight black hoodie.

Breaking my silence I stammered, “How did you know? It’s, its perfect!”

“First a toast!” said Lilly as she put her camera down and raised her glass. “To Yvette of Luxembourg, high priestess of the Black Brethren.”

Every Symbol has a Meaning

In ancient Greece the Divine proportion or Golden Mean and its relationship with reincarnation was known and held in secret by the Pythagoreans, they in turn had gained the knowledge from the Egyptians. The Pentagram and the Dodecahedron were visible geometric manifestations of the Golden Mean ratio Phi and as such therefore symbols of reincarnation.

This was due to the reiterative properties of the ratio which enabled it to maintain its proportion at any scale; it could literally spin its way from the invisible fine matter sub-quantum universe into the coarse atomic matter universe yet maintain its structure. In that way spirit could interlock with matter!

It is the one constant that can endlessly repeat itself and contained miraculous mathematical properties, Phi squared is itself plus one and the reciprocal of Phi; one over Phi is itself minus one. It is totally unique. It can also be expressed as the irrational constant 1.6180339... which along with Pi 3.1415926... describes the invisible and the visible universe. Pi describes the material world with its 2D circles and 3D spheres that make up our atomic reality. So the ancients reasoned that Phi must be to do with the spiritual; the invisible part of the universe. Hence its status.

I knew that Phi can be calculated by using the square root of 5 plus 1 divided by 2, so I took 5 squares arranged in an equal armed cross after the fashion of the Swiss national emblem. He extended the outer line of each arm to 1.6180339 units of its original length. Then he added one square more in the middle but half the size. Then by drawing the diagonal cross lines and erasing the original square construction boxes a beautifully proportioned cross is seen and the underlying construction hidden!

The rooted 5 squares, plus 1 divided by 2!

Whilst I was in Firenze I had my portrait painted.

Franciabigio (1482 – January 24, 1525) was an Italian painter of the Florentine Renaissance. His true name may have been Francesco di Cristofano, however he also is referred to as either Marcantonio Franciabigio or Francia Bigio.

He was born in Florence, and initially worked under Albertinelli until about 1506. In 1505 he befriended Andrea del Sarto; and by the next year, the two painters set up common shop in the Piazza del Grano. He was proficient in fresco and Vasari claimed that he surpassed all his contemporaries in this method. It's in his portraits, and not his religious paintings and frescoes, that his painting gathers naturalistic power.

Italian Fashion

I love the freedom Italian Renaissance costumes give! In this life I copy the Borgias 1981 BBC TV series.

You can dress up or down depending on your mood or the occasion, great for parties!

This Life

I passed through Florence during in my Inter-rail trip as a student at the age of twenty in 1974. Rome and Venice too.

You are often standing where you have stood before at the same age before.

They call Deja vu in French.

Just that most people shrugged it off if they are aware of it. Emotion is the language of the soul - I was extremely emotional all there of those places.

Franciabigio, ritratto di un cavaliere di rodi

Jul 05, '20
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