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May 28, '15

After a period of 31 years this memory costume surfaced from a sealed box in the loft!

Made in 1980 from two yellow Can Can dresses and various cannibalised theatrical costumes a memory of lavish sartorial proportions emerged.

I was in response to the many fancy dress parties that were very in fashion then. As with everything this have me a brilliant excuse to experiment practically.

The result was if not neatly finished a total success. The costume was such fun to wear and immediately transported me back to another time an place that I physically once existed in.

Rhineland Germany 1493-1540s. Serving as a Landsknecht in Maximillian I Imperial army under Georg von Frundsberg.

The renaissance saw an explosion of personal expression after many dull incarnations of clothing. Technology in textile and fabric production had improved tremendously giving rise to fabulous new colours and cloths with which to adorn oneself.

Proclaiming status has always been exercised through fashion. The very idea of fashion is itself a decadent concept for it serves no function apart from peer approval and attraction.

In the Medieval period immediately before the rich had complained during the mortality epidemic of the Black Death that,"It was no longer possible to determine rank by the quality of the clothes people wore, for even poor people dressed like the aristocracy."

The bizarre Landsknecht dress sense completely took this to another level!!!!!

May 28, '15
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