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In 1980 I read an article in a modelling magazine on how to build a German Tower fortification. My subconscious was triggered and I set about building my own.

It is primarily a German memory of the period of the Landknechts circa 1515AD. It's tall roof and lofty spire complete with Black German Eagle on an adjacent flag pole.

On leaving my Head of Science post in 2000 I gave the "turm" to my friends boys. They may still have it?

Luckily I took a picture of it when entered in the Shepway Military Modelling Show which was hosted for a couple of years by our school.

I think there are more pictures which will come to light in due course. Meantime it is a piece of evidence that now fits into my Landsknecht past life.

You can see the matching 25mm Landsknecht troops marching purposefully past the entrance steps carrying Georg von Frundsberg's personal standard. I still have those so I can photograph them in more detail.

May 19, '15
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