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My Life Imperial German Landsknecht

Just when you think you can't possibly discover yet another past life the Universe says, "Oh yes you can!"

The evidence has lain forgotten in the loft buried amongst a myriad of treasures for years. Over the next few weeks I shall resurrect that said evidence in a process that will be both definite and cathartic.

As with all my discoveries, my subconscious came tapping like Poe's raven a couple of weeks ago, early April, 2015. It took the form of an urge to convert some old 54mm Britains Toy Soldiers into Imperial German Landsknechts 1500 to 1525AD. I have always wanted to create some since first seeing the 70mm Preiser Elasolin ones for sale in Deventer, Holland on a trip one Saturday whilst living in Germany working for the M.O.D as a Physics teacher.

The process of material creation focuses the mind like a laser beam and suddenly a dusty corner of my subconscious burst into light as I received a euphoric Archimedean ah hah, moment!!! Of course in retrospect it is all so self-evident once one has seen the light! Bloody obvious in fact!!! So much so that one cannot believe that I hadn't discovered it before!!!

Dr Ian C Baillie April 30, 2015.









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