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Robert des Armoises
Nov 24, '11

Re-creating my medieval memory coincided with age. I was 26 when my medieval memory kicked in big time; that would be 1429 in Robert des Armoises' life as he was born in 1403. This of course was the epic year in Jeanne d'Arc's life. As with all things I recreated the clothing I wore

That Christmas of 1981 I produced the Year 7 Christmas party at St George's Secondary School, Broadstairs. I decided to start with a bang! What better than delivering Henry V 'Once more unto the breach' speech.

Agincourt or Azincourt as the French call it figures large in my subconscious memory. Imagine my surprise when I found out that as Robert des Armoises I was a page to the Duc d'Orleans aged but 12 years.

So the universe showed me the effect of my arrows that I had fired at Crecy 1346 and Poitier 1356 when I was an archer for the Earl of Oxford and the Black Prince.

This is how the Universe teaches us!

Finding the DOOR in 2007 was a key back into my life as Robert des Armoises.

In 1981 I painted these town guards with their Knight. Little did I know then that I was painting the coat of arms that Robert used. It depicts the Vouivre the winged serpent part woman part dragon with a third eye. You can read more of this in La Porte my new novel based on my memory of Robert.

Landremont joins on to Chateau Jaulny where Robert and Jehanne lived when not in Metz. Note the Scottish flag on the modern coat of arms another lovely example of how the universe links things together as I would be Scottish in the next life after Robert.

The Coat of arms of Metz would have been used by Robert and the Vouivre emblazoned upon it as he was Captain of the Sainte Barbe Gate.

Nov 24, '11
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