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Baillie/Baillie Kell
Jun 30, '11

The best evidence for a past life is photographic evidence of facial details. Human faces are unique and belong to the owner throughout the present time bubble.

Alexander Baillie Kell aged 33 in 1861

Note I have the same weird haircut! Same reason - large ears!!! Also notice the eyes, they are the windows of the soul. Note also the shape of the mouth and the shape of the face.

Also in a later picture taken in 1901 when Baillie was aged 72 you can see the same dropped shoulder - I have the same. So body structure remains the same.

So don't mess with the CS! Memory lives on, our face lives on, our body lives on and in my case our name lives on!

For me the Civil War never stopped I just carried it on into this life. A continuation unbroken between physical lives. So as we say in science if it swims like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a DUCK!!!

Dr Ian C Baillie, June 2011

Jun 30, '11

The Civil War is burnt into my soul! Many now remember too as I do. 3 Million souls fought in the war. It was the Birth of a Nation. You can never forget when everything is - Gone with the Wind.....

Mar 10, '12
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