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Mar 26, '21

John McCausland, Jr. (September 13, 1836 – January 22, 1927) was a brigadier general in the Confederate army, famous for the ransom of Hagerstown, Maryland, and the razing of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, during the American Civil War.

Early Life

McCausland was born in St. Louis, Missouri on September 13, 1836, the son of an immigrant from Ireland. Orphaned in 1843, he lived first with his grandmother until her death, then he and his brother went to live with his aunt Jane Smith near Point Pleasant, Virginia, now in Mason County, West Virginia. McCausland attended the Buffalo Academy in Putnam County, Then he traveled to Harrisonburg, Virginia, studied engineering at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and graduated with first honors in the class of 1857. In 1858, after a year of further studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, McCausland became an assistant professor of mathematics at VMI until 1861. In 1859 he and VMI professor Stonewall Jackson commanded a group of VMI cadets at the execution of John Brown at Charles Town for the uprising at Harpers Ferry.

American Civil War

Immediately after Virginia seceded, McCausland recruited an artillery company from Rockbridge County (the 1st Rockbridge Artillery) but refused a command, instead recruiting in the Kanawha Valley at General Robert E. Lee's request. On July 16, 1861, McCausland was commissioned as a colonel and placed in command of the 36th Virginia Infantry Regiment. The regiment had been formed from the 2nd Kanawha Regiment and part of the 3rd Kanawha Regiment, which had been recruited heavily from the south-western counties of what became West Virginia during the war. McCausland's regiment fought in the brigade of Brigadier General John B. Floyd in western Virginia and was transferred to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to serve in General Albert Sidney Johnston's army. McCausland and his men fought at the Battle of Fort Donelson and escaped before the Confederates surrendered the fort in February 1862. For the remainder of 1862 and 1863, McCausland's troops fought in the Department of Southwest Virginia. There, McCausland gained the nickname "Tiger John" for his fearless partisan raids.

After Confederate Brigadier General Albert Gallatin Jenkins was mortally wounded during the Union Army victory at the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain on May 9, 1864, McCausland took command of the Confederate forces in western Virginia (including the new state of West Virginia). McCausland was promoted to brigadier general on May 18, 1864; Soon citizens credited him with saving Lynchburg from a raid by Union Army Major General David Hunter, who had invaded the Shenandoah Valley and burned the Virginia Military Institute as well as the house of former Virginia Governor turned Confederate General John Letcher. McCausland sent units to harass the Union supply trains, as well as burned bridges and fired upon the crews sent to rebuild them, buying time for Generals Grumble Jones and John Imboden to join forces at Staunton (although Jones would die at the Battle of Piedmont on June 5) and then reinforce Lynchburg, where a train ruse about other reinforcements led Hunter to turn back.

McCausland fought as a cavalry brigade commander during the Valley Campaigns of 1864, under Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early, using his 2,800 men in various configurations to raid into Maryland (often extorting large sums of money from towns by threatening to burn them) and Pennsylvania. Under Early's orders, on July 30, 1864, McCausland burned the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, after it failed to pay a $100,000 extortion demand, justifying it as retaliation for the private property destroyed during Hunter's Shenandoah Valley campaign. In fact, Early's orders left little room for compromise or negotiation, and bankers had removed most of the money from Chambersburg days earlier. Plus despite Union General Darius Couch's early morning telegrams about the oncoming raiders, General William Averell's cavalry did not arrive from nearby Greencastle until after 2p.m., only to find still-burning ruins, displaced civilians and a trail of miscellaneous merchandise looted, then dropped by McCausland's departing raiders. The Union army relentlessly pursued McCausland's cavalry, ambushing and routing them at the Battle of Moorefield on August 8th.

After Early's campaign failed, McCausland rejoined the Army of Northern Virginia in the Siege of Petersburg, the Battle of Five Forks, and the Appomattox Campaign. As at Fort Donelson, McCausland refused to surrender but escaped with his cavalry from Appomattox Court House before Robert E. Lee's surrender, but withdrew to Lynchburg and disbanded his unit soon after. He was paroled in Charleston, West Virginia, on May 22, 1865.

Quantum Coincidence

There are no accidents in the people you meet in this life. Just as with Jay my website manager we have known each other in the past and will meet each other in the future! For the quantum universe knows no time or space just frequency of vibration of the ether.

Souls of the same frequency tends to seek each other out which is why surround us in our daily lives.

He is one such case .....

Enter Angus

I taught Angus in 2006-09 six years later he contacted me.....

Conversation 01 : 28-6-15

Hello Dr Baillie, I am not sure whether you will remember me or not but you used to teach me at Wellesley House. I seem to remember you have an extremely interesting theory on memories from past life, is that correct? Do you know where I might be able to read more about what you have discovered? Or is there a website? Thank you very much. Angus

Hi Angus of course I remember you! Nice to hear from you. Yes lots of discoveries. my website. All free to download books and articles. Past life memory section and multiple past life memories contains graphic examples.

Because i also have memories from past lives

Which i tend not to tell most people

I have been known to have trouble with negative entities- but i have to have them cleared every now and then when they become too much for me to handle

I also feel many people who have problems such as depression may also have many of these negative entities attached to them but unknowingly

Mine got worse when i had heart surgery

My heart stopped for 5-10 minutes

And i was completely smothered with them

My family experience this a lot too- its fascinating- my father, my horse and I used to live in my house in 1500 and we were part of the 'hawkhurst gang' and we lived awful lives of murder and stealing and now we have all come together in this life - probably to sort out or wrong doings from the past

Well- have a look at this photo- i calved patterns into walls back when i was in the gang to keep out entities

I have been round the block many times!

No accidents at all i realise! But isnt it interesting how our conversation as developed! From teaching me 'physchem' as a 10 year old at Wellesley house

Speak later at some point- thanks ian!

Conversation 02 : 2-4-17

Hello Ian! I hope you are well. I am currently in Africa and have been since February 8th, travelling through different countries, starting with Kenya, and I will end in South Africa, but I am in Zimbabwe currently- and I thought you may be interested (i certainly am) in yesterdays activity

A small group of us were in Matopos national park, and we climbed up the hills to enter Inswatugi Cave, belonging to bushmen 30,000 years ago- and there we found their fascinating paintings

They also point to the 'Mantis' in the sky to recieve and learn of information

Unbelievable feelings and experiences to be had in these caves!

My routes stress native american as well as smugglers from 1700 (hawkhurst gang) as well as a few others, but my memory is strongest within these routes

I would love to meet at some point, if that would suite you! To discuss within depth! I feel a lot of important information must be discussed to allow for greater/further kind/helpful actions from my part!

After all I am 18, but I feel yours and Grants help will prove extremely beneficial

Without your information I would be nowhere (I might add!) so i must thank you for this!

My guides are native Americans

I feel if we ( as human beings) can broaden the vendiagram between subconscious and conscious we can access further capacity of our brains and therefore become far more susceptible to our surrounding dimensions

This, I believe is where indigenous cultures are further adnaced than our 'modern 'advanced' materialistic human beings today

Tutoring Aboriginal Boys’ in Australia

We went skiing in perisher

And one of them (12 year old) ran off in the night due to an argument

He took of his clothes and ran out into a snow blizzard

So it was terrifying

But when it came to searching for him

I was in fact guided by his ancestors through vibrations to find him

And luckily i managed to before it was too late

He was curled up and couldnt walk by the time i found him

But he survived luckily

I absoloutly note everything, including experiences/loactions of experiences, spiritual routes etc

Which is why i would love to meet with you and your clairvoyent friend to have a discussion and perhaps i may write down notes?

Conversation 03 : 25-5-17

Hi Ian, hope you are well! I am back in UK from my travels and now more or less here for the summer. I wonder if you, your clairvoyant friend and I may be able to meet at some point to have a chat/catch up about things? I feel it will be unbelievably interesting to do, and feel it may be a good idea (if you would like to) best wishes, Angus

I am currently in London, Earlsfield, for the next 3 weeks (including this one) working throughout the day, but until 6, and free from 4 onwards on fridays- and I have weekends off

In May 2017 requested an interview with friend Grant Colyer.

In an epic session I took 14 pages of notes as Grant and his spirit guide reeled off Angus’ past life history going back a thousand years. It was off the cuff without prior warning, a total blind experiment and Grant didn’t know who I was bringing to the session.

Grant wasn’t finished yet....

John McIntyre

John McIntyre, 32, a Quincy fisherman, was killed in November 1984, after implicating Bulger's gang in drug smuggling and an ill-fated effort to ship guns to the Irish Republican Army. His remains were found in January 2000 in a makeshift grave across from Florian Hall in Dorchester.

The 31-year-old John McIntyre was on the Valhalla. The son of a former U.S. intelligence officer, McIntyre had for a time followed in his father's footsteps. But by 1982 he was smuggling marijuana for Joe Murray, a Boston drug runner and gangster who, improbably enough, is said to have inspired his young friend with a devotion to the cause of militant Irish nationalism. The book claims it was McIntyre's eagerness to do something for the cause that led him and Murray (who supplied the weapons) into the Valhalla fiasco. About two months after the interception, John McIntyre disappeared from his father's home near Cape Cod. Reports began to appear that the IRA had executed him because he was the suspected informer. Authors John Loftus and Emily McIntyre (the victim's mother)

Hawkhurst Gang

Link to with the Hawkhurst Gang

Sometime in the early 1740s Jeremiah Curtis, who had been part of a violent gang in the Hastings area, joined forces with the Hawkhurst Gang, and was one of its most brutal members. It was Curtis who led the whipping and beating to death of Richard Hawkins, a farm labourer from Walberton whom they suspected of stealing two bags of the gang's tea. Hawkins was taken to the Dog and Partridge inn at Slindon to be interrogated. When he died of his injuries, his body was sunk in the pond at Parham Park about 12 miles away which was owned by Sir Cecil Bishopp, 6th Baronet, the father of the wife of one of the accused[clarification needed], Thomas Lillywhite, where it was found in the spring of 1748.

My guess is you were Jeremiah Curtis and as John McIntyre suffered a similar fate as the poor unfortunate Richard Hawkins.

Jeremiah Curtis escaped before he could be brought to justice. He went to northern France, joining the Irish Brigade in Gravelines.

Angus lives in Hawkhurst!!!! In a old house used by one the gang members.


Mar 26, '21
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