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Elsie Clews Parsons
Mar 23, '21

Empowering Women

Elsie Worthington Clews Parsons (November 27, 1875 – December 19, 1941) was an American anthropologist, sociologist, folklorist, and feminist who studied Native American tribes—such as the Tewa and Hopi—in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. She helped found The New School. She was associate editor for The Journal of American Folklore (1918–1941), president of the American Folklore Society (1919–1920), president of the American Ethnological Society (1923–1925), and was elected the first female president of the American Anthropological Association (1941) right before her death.

Feminist Ideas

Parsons feminist beliefs were viewed as extremely radical for her time. She was a proponent of trial marriages, divorce by mutual consent and access to reliable contraception, which she wrote about in her book The Family (1906).[17] She also wrote about the effects society had on the growth of individuals, and more precisely the effect of gender role expectations and how they stifle individual growth for both women and men. The Family (1906) was met with such back-lash she published her second book Religious Chastity (1913) under the pseudonym "John Main" as to not affect her husband, Herbert Parsons political career. Her ideas where so far ahead that only after her death did they begin to be discussed. This has led to her becoming recognized as one of the early pioneers of the feminist movement. Her writings and her lifestyle challenged conventional gender roles at the time and helped spark the conversation for gender equality.

Aspect of Nats

My friend Nats is a gifted artist and teacher whose works are widely recognised in München, Germany. We share many past lives particularly Viking. She is stronger believer in the empowering women and this life she chose art instead of writing.

Frequency and Resonance

Nats Works of Art

The Studio

Other Past Lives

Carlo Brioschi (24 June 1826 – 12 November 1895) was a painter and scenic designer, born in Milan, Italy, but mostly active in Austria.

Carlo was the son of the scenic designer Giuseppe Brioschi (died in Vienna in 1856) and father of the similarly engaged Othmar (1854–1912) and Anton (1855–1920). He was a student of Leopold Kupelwieser, Thomas Ender, and Franz Steinfeld at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. In 1853, he worked in Paris. From 1856 to 1886, he worked with the Vienna State Opera.

With Johann Kautsky and Hermann Burghart he established the cooperative enterprise of "Brioschi, Burghart und Kautsky, k.u.k. Hoftheatermaler in Wien", which employed dozens of carpenters, blacksmiths, mechanics and clerks in addition to their painters; among whom were Georg Janny, Leopold Rothaug [de], Ferdinand Brunner and Alfons Mucha. The studio received many orders from abroad as well as locally. Among their regular customers was the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Brioschi died in Vienna in 1895.

Carlo Scenic Work

Nats’ son is called Charlie!

Hermann Burghart costume design for the Lohengrin

Nats gave me a print “Warrior Girl” March 2019. The question is it subconsciously is a portrait of her or me or a fusion?

Set Design

In 2005-06 I taught with Nats and I helped her stage the play Troy Story. It was the perfect vehicle to cemented our relationship and renew our many past life collaborations.

Troy Story

By Andrew Oxspring

All-Year-Round musical for KS2 (ages 7-11).

Running time approx: 60 minutes

Hitch a ride on this riotous romp through Ancient Greece, as Achilles leads a vast army of Spartans to conquer Troy and rescue Helen from the wicked clutches of her kidnappers. Jam-packed with memorable characters, witty dialogue and catchy songs, Troy Story will thrill adults and children alike and is all you could wish for in a musical production. Truly the stuff of which legends are made!

In Harmony

Nats work 2017

My work 1977

The rest of it is Her-story and My-story!


Mar 23, '21
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