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Jay Graham
May 11, '20

My Mentor and Friend

I was knew their was a special connection between Jay and me that go way way back to the stars.

This is not one of those lives!

James Graham, 1st Duke and 4th Marquess of Montrose (April 1682 – 7 January 1742)

Jay was a Scottish aristocratic statesman in the early eighteenth century.

He was the only son of James Graham, 3rd Marquess of Montrose and Lady Christian Leslie. On 31 March 1702 he married Christian Carnegie, daughter of David Carnegie, 3rd Earl of Northesk. Together they had several sons, including William Graham and Lord George Graham.

Originally the fourth Marquess of Montrose, James was elevated to a dukedom in 1707, as a reward for his important support of the Act of Union, whilst being Lord President of the Scottish Privy Council. He was Lord High Admiral of Scotland from 1705 to 1706. He was Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland from 1709 to 1713 and served as Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland from 1716 to 1733. He was also a Lord of the Regency for Great Britain in 1714, upon the death of Queen Anne. Furthermore, he served rather shortly as Secretary of State for Scotland at the time of the Georgian ministry of Lord Townshend. In 1719 he was one of the main subscribers to the Royal Academy of Music (1719), a corporation that produced baroque opera on the stage. He served as a Governor of London's Foundling Hospital at the time of its foundation in 1739. For much of his adult life he was Chancellor of the University of Glasgow.

Apart from his political career, the Duke is frequently associated with Robert MacGregor, who is popularly remembered by the name of Rob Roy. Graham was a primary creditor of MacGregor whom the latter blamed for his financial ruin; MacGregor then carried out a feud with Graham for some years.

The mausoleum of James Graham, Duke of Montrose, Aberuthven

On his death Graham was buried at Aberuthven. The grave is within a substantial Palladian style mausoleum, which dominates the small churchyard.

Jay Memories

“I mostly remember an obsession with books in my younger years. And a great deal of political manoeuvring and blackmail, that is to say I was blackmailing a great many people so that I could get my way. Sometimes for good, often for selfish reasons or to rise in status.

I had some very unpopular beliefs at the time, status and power over other influential people was the best protection I could have. I also enlisted the aide several gruff common types to harvest information from the household staff of competing families; this served to furnish further blackmail. I would also help to raise the status of friends of mine through the same means.

I remember being forced to pay a yearly stipend to one of my old 'spies,' when he had the clever idea to blackmail me with the knowledge of my many blackmail plots, this would have ruined me socially.

Unfortunately most of my patronage was for optics; further bolstering my status or my influence over church and state, or to appear on some influential players radar.

I was enthusiastic about my own entertainment, whether art, dancing or music. I would do nearly anything to resolve my boredom.”

Does that help.



Back to the Stars

Jay it a direct descendant of the Great Montrose who crossed sword with during in the English Civil Wars.,_1st_Marquess_of_Montrose

Jay is an Andromedan and I am a Pleiadian. We have both shared many lives.


May 11, '20
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