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A True Tale of Love Beyond the Grave

In parts of Asia, tradition dictates that when a person dies, relatives will mark his or her body—often using soot—with the hope that the soul of the deceased will be reincarnated within the same family. The mark is said to become both a birthmark and evidence that the soul has been reborn.

In 2012, University of Virginia School of Medicine professor and psychiatrist Jim Tucker and Jurgen Keil, an emeritus professor and psychologist from University of Tasmania at Hobart, submitted a paper to The Journal of Scientific Exploration (a peer-reviewed journal for the study of fringe science, from alternative medicine to UFOs). Their study detailed families with children who were born with marks corresponding to their dead relatives.

In one case, K.H., a boy from Myanmar, was noted to have a birthmark on his left arm in the same place where his grandfather’s body had been marked. His grandfather had died 11 months before K.H.’s birth. Many people, including family members, saw the grandfather’s mark made by a neighbor from charcoal of the underside of a pot.

At just over two years old, K.H. called his grandmother Ma Tin Shwe, a name only used by the deceased grandfather. The grandmother was called “Mother” by her children and Daw Lay or “Auntie” by other children. K.H. called his mother War War Khine, just like his deceased grandfather had, rather than Ma War.

When K.H.’s mother was pregnant, she dreamed of her father saying, “I want to live with you.” The birthmark and the child’s names for his loved ones makes his family think the dream has come true.

Chan's Tale

At the recent Military Odyssey 2017 I was drawn to talk to Chan who was wandering passed as I drank a cup of tea. He was dressed as a Mongol Archer and as I had been studying and thinking about my Chinese past life of the same period I realised that the quantum law of attraction had placed him in my path! So I decided to go and talk to him as he sat under the nearby trees.

The connection was instant and I immediately felt that he had to have been there as it was almost like I knew him.

He introduced himself as Chan aged 61 and said that he came from Brighton on the South Coast of England. We chatted about his portrayal and discussed all things Ghengis Kahn and the Mongols.

Then he told me more about his life and his experiences which culminated in a wonderful tale of love beyond the grave.

Soul Twin reborn

His mother was from Thailand and dearly loved her soul twin. They planned to marry which they did but he died of an illness within a few short years. She was heart broken beyond consolation. As she cried over the body in the hospital they went to paint the customary red rectangle on the corpse near his testicals at the top of the leg.

"Don't paint it there," she said, "when he comes back he will have to live with an embarrassing red mark! Put it on his shin where it won't matter so much."

The mortician duly did as he was bade and time passed. Her sorrow at losing her soul twin was more than she could bare so everyday she prayed that he would come back into her life.

A few years came and went and she fell pregnant, 9 months later Chan was born with the very same red rectangular mark on the very same shin as a birthmark. At that he pulled up his trouser leg to reveal the mark.

Continuing his story;

Her mother, Chan's Grandmother, took one look at the baby and said, "Yep, he's back!"

So Chan had returned to be his soul twin's son united together once again on the physical Earth plane.

In 1961 when Chan was 7 his mother brought him to England and they lived happily ever after up until the time of her death. At this point he started to well up with tears and so did I, for I too know the power of love a soul twin has for it surpasses all other love. As I connected with Chan's story I got up from my sitting position, went over to him and gave him a big hug.

As I did so I could feel my past healing, the Chinese General and the Mongol Archer united in a shared experience of pure love.

True to form

As with all things quantum a few days later the details at the head of this article appeared in my Facebook news feed. Providing me with verification!

Oct 08, '17
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