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Jin Chan
Nov 02, '16

A Money Lender

"Jin Chang, Jin Chan. You had a life as a Chinese money lender!" Celebrity psychic clairvoyant Grant Colyer suddenly said during my reading. I was still rocking and reeling from being told I was high up in the SS, associated with Attila the Hun and possibly Ghengis Khan and a French Pirate! Suddenly out comes my Chinese lives as a General and a Banker!!!

Yet Grant is extremely accurate as I have witnessed on many occasions. Certainly the SS and French Pirate I had tracked down as Kurt Daluege and Raveneau de Lussan; could this also be true?

I was once told by a psychic in Taunton, Somerset that I had always had powerful easy lives why others suffered! He then stormed off in disgust refusing to give me a reading. Needless to say I was puzzled and upset as I had just had a very postive two hour tv interview with the local tv station. It was 2002 and I had just published my first major book Rebel Spirit detailing my American Civil War past life.

The intensity of that memory was blotting out all others which were there, waiting in the wings to come forth into the realm of the present.

Immediately Grant said money lender I thought back to that day in 2002 and my rejection.

Money Toad

Imagine my surprise to find that Grant was accurate with the Jin Chan data! It turned out to be a lucky money frog or toad! Very appropriate I thought, Mr Toad honk honk!


As soon as I saw the archetypal Chinese coins with their distinctive square hole in the centre I knew it was true. For they have fascinated me as the circle represents heaven and the square Earth and the material realm, also a convenient way to string them together for counting and carrying. Then on investigation I had my answer, they were cast from moulds not stamped as western coins are.

In this life I have been making moulds for casting toy soldiers since I was 13 and also home casting lead bullets by the tens of thousands.

I even entertained fanciful thoughts of making a mould of a 50 pence piece when they first came out and casting my own money!!!!!

At last I knew the origin of that thought in my Chinese Jin Chan life.

My life long interest in Taoism, Confucianism, Tai Chi and Chinese food all take on new means now! Much research and reading is yet to be undertaken so check by for updates.

Nov 02, '16
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