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Sep 30, '15

I love the Internet!!!!! Always new discoveries and data. This just found late last night September 29, 2015. Blew me away because you can just see Robert's whole being immortalised in two separate time periods. Stunning!

Quality photograph are always good primary evidence. These were taken when Admiral Thomas Cochrane was in his eighties. He passed on in 1860 aged 84 so they can be dated to 1856 - 60 with some certainty.

Amazing to think that he was alive physically from 1775 when I was newly created Major Robert Magaw of Thompson's Pennsylvania Rifle Battalion and marched to Bunker Hill. Then again he was still present when I was Alexander Baillie Kell 1828 onwards to almost the beginning of the Civil War!

His Final Resting Place

Situated in the main aisle of Westminster Abbey next to the Houses of Parliament in London, his final mortal resting place is honoured every year by the Chilean Navy which he helped to create.

Facial Comparison

The evidence is 100% crystal clear. Not only is Robert identical physically (except for height due to being a shorter French Naval Engineer in his immediate past life!) but he has Cochrane's memory, behaviour, and impatience!!! Lmao. Plus in this life he doesn't like epaulettes and rank!!!!! :D Hilarious!

What gets me is how the eyes are the windows of the soul, same melancholic hound dog mournful soul searching eyes! Amazing.

You can see that the engraving in his memoirs is pretty close to the photographs.

A proper Victorian gent at the end of his life only to resurface as ....

Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History,_10th_Earl_of_Dundonald


Karma will always bite you in the ★★★!

So having sank half the French Napoleonic Navy as Admiral Thomas Cochrane, Robert was destined to return as a French Sailor and experience a similar fate. This did indeed take place for he returned as -

A French Naval Officer

Let me introduce;

PRÆCEPTIS Etienne, born le 18 septembre 1874 à VILLENEUVE-sur-LOT (Lot-et-Garonne), Mechanical Engineer principal de 2’me classe.

Who was the Senior Engineer of the French Torpilleur (Destroyer) RENAUDIN 1913-16.

The RENAUDIN was torpedoed by U6 on March 18, 1916.

Robert is not one to hang around in the ether long! So indeed he had to balance his destruction of half the Napoleonic Navy with being himself drowned when he was in the French Navy next life. That's how it goes folks!

Only one person built like that I know of; Robert! He also recognised it as himself when shown the photo.

Robert has lucid memory of being that engineer and drowning in the Adratic. He will always spontaneously flip back into French and comment about how he's just a Scot (Lumsden reference) down in the boiler room trying to get more steam up! Very Star Trek!!! They could have based Scottie on him!!!

His father was in the shipyards of Glasgow before retiring and served on the North Atlantic Convoys during WW2. So we can see that his birth was no accident. The universe placed him exactly where he needed to be in order to learn from and reflect on the experience of the previous life.


Sep 30, '15
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