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Sep 19, '15


PRECEPTIS E. - Senior Mechanic 2nd; Deco. posthumously; Unit: RENAUDIN (destroyer).

A demonstrated since the beginning of the war, the finest qualities of energy and dedication. Killed at his post aboard the RENAUDIN, March 18, 1916.

Straight away you notice the exemplary character of Admiral Thomas Cochrane born again as Etienne Preceptis! What a man! Robert Habbick to the letter. Officer and gentleman, father to his men. Fearless and passionate to the end.

Physical Birth

- PRECEPTIS Etienne, born September 18, 1874 in Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne), Senior Mechanic 2nd class.

Sailor exemplaire

Robert Habbick playing the La Marseillaise

English: The song of Marseille October 1, 2015.

No one can play The French National Anthem with that emotional passion without having been French!


The ability to pick up and speak other languages is also a further sign that we have had past lives in those countries. Usually it is the immediate last half dozen physical journeys that are the strongest. Robert speaks French far better than he should be able to. He married a French speaking Swiss girl way back and was married for approximately 10 years and indeed lived in Switzerland.

Even though the married did not last there was an astounding reason why the universe made this happen. I shall elaborate in due course as I unfold this discovery in chronological order.

Robert can also speak Italian fluently. If anything I thought that he would live there when young. The reason as confirmed by Grant Colyer the celebrity psychic was a past life in Sciliy.

Grant further confirmed my findings as to this discovery too. "You were French, you drowned, there was a big explosion, not shells."

The Discovery

Over the past few months I have been feeling my life as William Baillie coming to the fore. I realised that I was connecting to 1661 which was of important emotional memory as Lumsden and Baillie had purchased another ship and where busy kitting it out.

Zeeridder (Sea Knight) fitted the bill a nifty 22 gun Dutch Fluyt fighting in the First Anglo Dutch wars 1652-54 and beyond. Having been successful we now purchased another Zeeraaf (Sea Raven) this I altered and redesigned into a Q ship. That is a heavily armed merchantman disguised so as to look a soft target. Robert remembered me doing this without me saying to him.

We had finished operations in the Baltic helping Denmark secure itself from Swedish invasion. My brother in law Michiel de Ruyter was in charge of our Zeeland Admiralty squadron. Refitted he was ordered to assume convoy duties in the Adriatic and Mediterranean.

Again Robert in synchronicity without knowing that had asked why he found himself drawn to maps of the Adriatic!!! I assumed that he was remembering too.

The Matelot Emerges

I decided to show him my findings first hand pleased with my own discoveries. However I arrived to find Robert greeting me with La Marseillaise in both voice and accompaniment on his accordion!!!

I immediate saw him as a French sailor with blue and white striped top, overalls and a distinctive Marin beret with red Pom Pom.

This occurred as I joined in singing and then walked passed him into his house. It was so vivid that it shocked me. It was at that point later the next morning I fitted it all together.

He became very emotional As he talked of the sea and drowning sailors being left to die. Cochrane I assumed, but this was much more personal. He had also taken to swimming in the sea several times in the warm September weather. The clues were mounting!


Having received the relevant data I awoke next morning having solved the puzzle whilst on the edge of sleep. This is the time my mind connects easiest with my subconscious and the universe.

As if guided by a divine hand I started to reveal the story using the Internet. In two hours I had the whole tragedy nailed.

World War 1, French Navy, Adriactic, Convoy duty, Torpilleur (Destroyer), Renaudin, U6, torpedo, casualty list!

I realised immediately that as a 10 year old I was obsessed with drawing the same 4 funnelled Destroyers in my school Rough Book!

must have been tuning into Robert who was in Margate and a year younger. This shows that we are

always connected even when physically apart.

The Renaudin

I knew from Robert's emotive description of drowning seamen that he had been one and experienced it. Of the six Le Bisson Classe destroyers only one had been sunk - Renaudin!

March 18, 1916 the Renaudin was torpedoed by U6 of the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Navy off of Durazzo Albania whilst on convoy duty. As Robert had described the convoy cannot stop to pick up survivors due to the maxim of the protecting the greater number. He quoted an emotive passage from the novel "The Cruel Sea" that had always brought tears to his eyes.


Unterseeboot U6

Co-ordinates of the sinking

Due to its high profile I then discovered the casualty list as a news paper cutting and in detail on a French forum website. I had his name! It had to be one of those killed in action!

Officer or Matelot? I presumed Matelot but didn't totally discount the Officers. In fact the eventual candidate was one of the five I short listed. The casualties had all been in the engine room or bridge. So the torpedo struck with deadly force amidships.

The slab sided welded hull was paper thin so they stood no chance as the enormous explosion cut the ship in half. Robert described this perfectly when shown the picture which he recognised and knew the technical details without ever seeing them.

Kiss me Hardy

Edouard Marie Pierre HARDY ... En 1916, Commandant le contre torpilleur Renaudin

I straight away noticed the young Leiutenant Commander was called HARDY!!! The same as Admial Lord Nelson's Flag Captain of HMS Victory Trafalgar 1805!!!!! "Kiss me Hardy" we're his dying words. This was beyond all reason and a perfect quantum coincidence typical of the 3D matrix. For Cochrane had sailed in the Napoleonic Navy of Nelson as an Admiral. The sign post couldn't be any clearer.

I then found details of the U6 crew including a detailed picture.

Their commander Linienschiffsleutnant Hugo von Falkhausen, centre

Straight away I reconised the link between Falkhausen and Habbick; the Falcon! Falcon house in German and Robert's original Swiss name Habbicht a hawk or North European Falcon!

The costs of arms confirmed this stunning quantum coincidence.

Falkhausen Wappen

Habbicht Wappen

!!!!!! Totally speechless. Plus when shown the photograph of the U6 crew and asked, "do you recognise anyone in your life now in this picture" Robert immediately and without hesitation picked out the commander and said, "That's my Swiss father-in-law Heinz!" He then said and I quote, "is this a joke? Have you made this photo up!"

Hugo von Falkhausen, centre/ Heinz Schüpbach.

So his father-in-law sunk and killed him last life! This was the reason for his 10 year marriage he had to resolve the karmic link. Initially Heinz annoyed Robert due to his being a part time Colonel in the Swiss Army yet he was an engineer by profession working with plastic pipes!!!! Yet eventually they became mutual good friends thus healing the unknown past.


The coat of arms associated with Heinz's surname showed the story.

Imperial Eagle triumphant above the waves. Two stars one for him and one for the drowned man that was Robert in his last life.

On finding the picture of the officer standing in the jolly boat I knew that I finally had found him. Robert confirmed it was him without hesitation and described how he felt in the picture. A happy steam engineer casually at ease with his life at sea. Cochrane had been obsessed with steam and patented four designs for a rotary steam engine as well as experimenting with steam ships! QED!

Born 14 years after his long life if 84 years as Admiral Lord Cochrane. Robert had lived 42 years as a French sailor rising to Principle Senior Engineer 2nd class before meeting his demise.

Thus he was aligned once more to meet me in this life (I passed on in 1912 aged 84, Robert 1916) I was born 1954, Robert 1955)

Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne)

Upon discussion Robert amazed me with his description of Villeneuve-sur-Lot the birth place of Etienne Préceptis and details of its geographical position and economy. Again without reference to any books or data.

In the 1990s I toyed with the idea of buying a property in the Garonne area! Was I again tuning into my old shipmate's mind just as I had done drawing the WW1 destroyers aged 9?


Just had a long chat with Robert on the phone (October 5, 2015). He related details of the sinking of the Renaudin which were emotionally graphic in detail. They spontaneously appeared when I mentioned steam engines and ships. As he talked I felt I was actually there witnessing the event.

Plus his father was on North Atlantic convoys during WW2! I never knew that. So like my father no accident who your parents are. Again the universe prompting us to relive our past life memories in this life. Robert's father was born in 1912, my father 1911. Robert was born 1955, I was born 1954. Both 1 year apart. Robert's father convoys (Préceptis, Cochrane, Lumsden all convoys and navy), my father rifleman, Palestine policeman, law (Magaw lawyer rifleman).

So both of us benefitted from reviewing our own past lives through our fathers stories!

*Update November 16, 2016

Body comparison: After dinner Robert walked off to get a couple of latte's and I was struck by his build and how he resembled his former self in this life above. I then asked to take a picture so that I could compare the two. The reader may judge for themselves but I am amazed at the similarity!

Even the lighting and corridor effect conspired to give that 1916 atmosphere.

Sep 19, '15
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