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Aug 23, '15

Something is afoot! William Baillie's memory has just kicked in big time with the Dutch Confederate Navy 1661 centre stage.

Synchronous with my physical age now 1661 in his life is 2015 in mine.

Time being a fractal spiral in construct with reiterating echoes of the past repeating in the present. Both my life long friend Robert Habbick (General Sir James Lumsden) and myself (General William Baillie) are remembering the emotions and feelings of that historic epoch right now!

A week ago I decided to finish off my Dutch Warship "Het Witte Lam" - The White Lamb. (Below)

I bought back home my two Dutch warships the completed "Huis Tijdbedrijf" and the half finished one above.

They had been in "dock" at Herne Bay since I left school in 2009 following a heart attack ironically in Independence Day July 4.

So this past week I've been busy refurbishing and and completing what I regard as Lumsden and Baillie's vessel. My focus being particularly on acquiring cannon.

Yesterday I visited Robert after taking the following pictures of two Dutch warships protecting a merchantman in the morning.

I also found myself whistling the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme tune for most of the day!

Robert informed me that he had been scanning maps and thinking about the Adriatic Coast. We both knew that something was up and discussed the same over a cup of tea in the early evening.

This morning with an hour or so of research I found the answer - Michiel de Ruyter the Dutch Admiraal and brother in law of General Wiliam Baillie is equipping his squadron ready for the next mission. For De Ruyter is going to spend the next 2 years 1661-63 with his squadron protecting the Dutch Merchant fleets in the Mediterranean!

The Venetian empire with Malta have just defeated the Ottoman Turks and business is booming. Of course Venice sits at the top of the Adriatic!

So both of us are remembering what we are going to do next in 1661.

As part of De Ruyter's fleet we would also be the time we would be refurbishing our ship after the rigours of helping Denmark free itself and opening up trade in the Baltic.

In een blauw geruite kiel

Bewerken door A.L. De Rop - overigens heeft De Ruyter Indië nooit bezocht

In een blauw geruite kiel

draaide hij aan't grote wiel

de ga-a-a-anse dag.

maar Michieltjes jongenshart

leed ondragelijke smart

ahach, ahach, ahach.

Als matroosje vlug en net

Heeft hij voet aan boord gezet

Dat hoorde zo.

Naar Oostinje, naar de West

Jongens, dat gaat opperbest!

Hojo, hojo, hojo, hojo!

Daar staat Hollands admiraal

Nu een man van vuur en staal

De schrik der zee.

't Is een Ruiter naar den aard

Glorierijk zit hij te paard!

Hoezee, hoezee, hoezee, hoezee!


The Young Dutch Republic is also locked in a battle between the Relublican leader Johan de Witt and the Orangists who want a Monarchy. The young William III of Orange is nephew to the newly restored King Charles II of England and therefore a pawn in the political machinations that are taking place as countries jockey for position in creating Empires overseas through Trade and Conquest.

The overwhelming theme in both my own and Robert's past lives is fighting for Freedom and Democracy, always as a Republic.

Of course one of my favourite all time books is Plato's Republic!

New Film

As if a seal of approval was needed from the matrix a combined Dutch Belgian motion picture has just been released entitled "Michiel de Ruyter" (January 2015) and recently the English/American Cinema version entitled "Admiral - command and conquer." (July 25, 2015) just a month ago.

Needless to say after seeing the excellent clips and trailers on YouTube and various websites I had to buy the DVD!

Scroll down on the article linked below for YouTube clips.

Aug 23, '15
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