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DNA and Synchronicity
Oct 09, '14

DNA is the Key

DNA allows "you" to live in a Carbon based 3D Space suit.

How can Deb live now, and in 1895 as Ruth Coupland, and in 1440 as Madam Jehanne des Armoises etc.

Let us investigate:


Deb's Mum is Heather Ruth Jowett. Note the Ruth same as Ruth Coupland. The Universe operates in the eternal NOW and litters our daily lives with clues to our past and future. We call it a coincidence but it is very much not!

Heather looks very Norwegian so Deb's Viking past should be in evidence as it is with Ruth Coupland with the exact same Viking build.

However a surprise is in store.

Jowett provides the FRENCH connection and in fact Heather is also the only one of four sisters to look Norwegian the other sisters have dark hair and eyes that are not blue. So a des Armoises tick and a partial Viking tick!

I thought initially that the Viking connection came through the maternal line which is partially true but not the whole story. Shows how you can fall into a trap!


Deb's Dad was Roger Harlow Wood. He was built like a Viking, loved Broadstairs with its Viking Bay and gave Deb her striking Viking physique.

Lo and behold we see that his DNA is pure East Coast based around Sherwood Forest and Nottingham but extending up to Fife. Definitely Viking. Big Viking tick!


Coupland originates in Northumberland as Kaupland an old Norse word for the "Acquisition of Land" or to purchase land. It is still in use in Icelandic today and related to Kauf which is German for to buy.

Therefore a BIG Viking tick!

Deb and Ruth both then share Viking DNA.


Now we turn to Heidi Ward who was called Ide in 1895.

Unfortunately Ide's surname is not recorded so we will concentrate on Heidi's DNA. Note Heidi = Ide the universe demonstrating the eternal NOW again.

Ward is a Yorkshire name. So again we have the Viking connection. No surprise as soul mates travel together in Clans through time. Heidi married a Springthorpe another Viking name so the odds are that Dave Springthorpe has known Heidi before they may well be soul twins? More investigation is needed. Ward came from the old English Weard = a guard or watchman. Also a ward is guarded by a guardian. So we see the relationship between Deb and Heidi.

Heidi guards and watches over Deb and in turn is Deb's ward. Deb looks after Heidi.

Both Deb and Heidi have a very French past life vibe. We see that when we examine the Ward coat of arms below. Heidi's Mum was Spanish so it is pretty certain that she gets the new French DNA from her.


In Western European cultureHeraldry is a better and more direct indicator of a family's heritage. Coats of Arms and mottoes make for a fascinating study and we can see a clear pattern when we examine Deb, Heidi and my own.


Firstly we see the Armoises colours of blue and yellow.

The colours persist this time with 3 medieval galleys instead of a Lion rampant.

Motto: Veritas vos Liberabit.

The Truth shall set you Free.

The winged horse Pegasus is found on some Jowett coats of arms but here in this elaborate Victorian book plate just the wings are shown. The claiming of gravitas is made by the crown showing the family has made it with new money!

An Amoises helmet achievement shows the same wings!

Coincidence or design? Everywhere connections are found.


An oak tree proper on a green mound. Note the red and white predominant. Compare with Coupland below.

Dad was an oak standing tall. Deb's initials DAW Deborah Ann Wood. At school Deb was nicknamed DAW = Door! Wood Door Jehanne des Armoises on a Door!


A Red and White shield for the London based families.

Ruth Coupland played in Red and White. The London based Couplands moved down from Yorkshire in the 18th Century. The original colours are.....

The same as Norwich City FC Deb's favourite team!

This remarkable picture shows the Norwich City squad making a living Coupland shield!!!

Copeland are the Couplands that moved to Cumbria from Northumberland and then on to Ireland adopted an even more Norwich City set of colours.

As did the Baillies that went from Scotland to Ireland.


Heidi Ward has a French connection and this can be clearly seen in the Ward coat of Arms.

A French cross in Armoises colours.

Or Royal French White.

As used on French Musketeers Tabards.

Des Armoises

The colours of the Des Armoises coat of arms reflect both the blue and yellow of the above thereby reinforcing the connection between us all but also the red and white of Ruth Copeland's kit and London coat of arms.

Chateau Jaulny

The chateau where Jehanne and Robert des Armoises lived likewise has the same colours reiterated.

Red chevrons on a White field. With at present time a yellow border. In medieval times there was no border.

Oct 09, '14
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