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My Druid Life
May 27, '13

In my Druid life I was hung by the Romans from an oak tree so beloved by the Druids. Near the final battle siege of Alesia 52BC. Where Vercingetorix surrendered and was captured by Julius Caesar. It was the end of Gaul which was thoroughly looted and subjugated.

The next life born in 55AD I survived the disasterous final battle in 61AD. Age 6 I was captured, marched to Rome and sold. My journey was one of slave to gladiator. I had to save myself from the Romans having been killed by them previously. This is appears to be how the universe and the law of karma works. A friend of mine can remember dying on the Titanic as an engineer, locked in and surrounded by coal and seawater. This life he started off as a miner in Bettshanger colliery Kent. The narrow high quality coal seams extended out several miles under the English Channel. Often working up to his chest in coal and water he would relive his nightmare. He would escape from the mine after some 20 years to become a very happy builder. His final years there were taken up as a member of the elite rescue teams. So he was helping others escape the same fate that he had suffered in his previous life!

In this life I have always stayed at Beaune in France when travelling. It was my subconscious in action for the siege of Alesia was just up the road and they now have an Asterix park near by! I never consciously knew why the park was there but now I do as I have uncovered all my past lives these past 3000 years. The Druid one was the last piece of the puzzle and received in a most unexpected way. In 2010 I had just completed a successful talk on my other past lives and there evidence and a very powerful lady in the audience came up to me and said, "You haven't talked about your Druid life! You had a Druid spirit guide stading behind you the whole time you were talking. He was dressed in a grey hood."

It was one of those ahah moments! In a flash several missing links joined up and everything made sense. Especially why I still can't have anything tight around my neck. Causes me to gag. Amazing. You would think that it would go once you know about it consciously. In fact I can feel it now as I write!

Genuine past life memories aren't often pleasant. Its a very good way of telling the difference between wishful thinking and the real thing. Simply put the subconscious cant lie. An unexplained phobia can often be traced back to a traumatic death experience especially if the agony was prolonged.

So welcome home my Druid Self! I salute you and acknowledge you with open arms.

1400 years later I would live in near by Metz as Flemish Knight Robert des Armoises for yet another French life. - And so the whirligig of time would bring around its changes.

Update 2021

Part of the area has become the MuséoParc Alésia. Not much of the Gallic oppidum is visible today, except for some remains of a rampart. Most of the ruins date to the town’s Roman period.

A large copper statue of Vercingetorix, made in 1865 by Aimé Millet stands at the western end of the plateau.

The uncertainty surrounding Alesia's location is humorously parodied in the Asterix comic book Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield, in which, in this case because of Gaulish pride, characters repeatedly and vehemently deny that they know its location: "I don't know where Alesia is! No one knows where Alesia is!".

The Museum and Archaeological Parc is now closed!


May 27, '13
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