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Shooters Mealtime 1638
Oct 17, '11

The famous painting of the Schuttersmaaltijd hangs in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Painted by van der Helst a talented artist who used state of the art optical techniques to paint larger than life full sized group portraits of Amsterdam's well to do. The photographic accuracy of the individual members of the Sint Joris Doelen shooting club is exceptional.

By clicking on the painting you can see the beauty and accuracy of his work. The portrait took approximately 3 years and was finally finished in 1638. I paid half a year's salary some 200 Hollandse Florins to have my image painted. I also paid for my good friend Major general Sir James Lumsden who can be seen to my immediate top left. Finding myself in the painting was the fulfilment of a reoccurring dream that I would one day walk into a big hall and find myself in an oil painting. Ironically I must have seen it originally in the 1970's but I was more focused on viewing the Nacht Wacht by Rembrandt at the time; wrong painting, right idea!

A wonderful memory made manifest. I had my image carved in a medieval door with my wife Jehanne des Armoises in 1440, then painted in 1638 in Amsterdam and then photographed in Savannah, Georgia 1861. All money well spent! In this life I have written several books which continues the trend of leaving information for me to find in the future.

Dr Ian C Baillie October, 2011

Oct 17, '11
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