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Billy the Kid is Back!
Oct 17, '11

Billy the Kid is back! Now living in Gloucester as David Baxter! This fascinating past life case is detailed in the Discovery of Billy the Kid - free to download as an ebook from this website.

In the summer of 2004, I met an earnest young man by the name of David Baxter. I had just finished giving the opening talk at the Glastonbury Symposium and somehow my words had connected directly with David?s soul. He was intrigued with my Intelligent Universe lecture that had just that very moment launched my second book Forbidden Science into the public arena. He was also looking for some answers to his own personal quest for identity within the physical atomic reality matrix that we inhabit. This had led him on a moment of impulse, at the last minute, to attend the symposium. Previous to this he had only ventured once briefly into the crop circle landscape with his ex-girlfriend. David like many of us had searched many avenues in his quest, he had read countless books, written to many pen friends in America and even travelled to Scotland to stay at the Findhorn centre. His love of Indian philosophy and the works of the Gurus had helped him understand the new quantum mechanical view of the universe in no short measure. For new physics looks very much like old eastern philosophy, perhaps because it is simply a universal truth. Our western arrogance has masked this uncomfortable fact for too long, but that is now rapidly changing as we realise that others simply got there first! Even my own thesis, in some small way, had contributed hopefully to the demise of this unnatural divide between religion, philosophy and science, for I too had been touched by the love and mystery of the enigmatic crop circles in my sojourns.

My mechanistic world view had collapsed and been re-born as my studies collided with the new paradigms being so eloquently displayed in the beautiful pristine fields of southern England. This had led inexorably through a myriad of coincidence that could not be coincidence, to the discovery and documentation of my own two immediate past lives. David had just witnessed the manifestation of the second live on stage that very morning! I had taken to the stage carrying my Dutch single nasal bar pot helmet and wearing my Baillie kilt, albeit for dramatic effect. It was an overt statement of identity and a display of my Scottish soul memory. The sight of general William Baillie returned had triggered a profound response in David, as he too shared the same common memory of a life in the English Civil War.

We met on the steps of the town hall. David approached me and asked an interesting question about thought forms and past lives within the context of my talk. We then kept meeting in several shops by complete synchronicity, like two magnets drawn together through some mysterious force. Eventually, recognising that universal coincidence was at work, I suggested that we have a pint of ale in the George and Pilgrim across the road and sort out what on earth was going on!? His likeable honest nature shone through immediately, he had connected with my subconscious and engendered within me a strong sense of empathy; like two vibrating bells our soul energies resonated in total harmony. He looked every inch a Scotsman, with rugged Celtic features and distinctive hair colouring. In fact he reminded me of my own father, the Scottish connection was therefore instant and overwhelming.

The 17th century atmosphere of the public house seemed to suit our discussion down to the ground. Immediately at home in another time and place, I ordered two pints and we sat down to talk earnestly. The black oak carved pews and leaden window lights transported us effortlessly back some 400 years in the blinking of an eye.

I quickly learned that David was a Baxter of Scottish descent, but like me he had been born south of the border in England. He in Gloucester and myself in Kent, very Shakespearean I mused! My own wife Pauline was born in Gloucester and had lived not far from David which was another strange coincidence. That made me empathise even more as I listened to his philosophy on consciousness, life death and everything delivered with that distinctive familiar accent. Using my technique of intuitive questioning I quickly found the common link that had drawn us together. It was as I had initially surmised the powerful Scottish connection. My subconscious had already deduced this instantly and now my conscious mind was simply playing catch up. For it later transpired that David had the memory of a Scottish soldier, one of my own 25 000 Scottish Infantry soldiers from the English Civil war, yet it was shaded with complex overtones of an Indian past life, a Native American past life and most overtly of all the past life of a cowboy. This last soul memory shone through like veritable beacon in his walk, mannerisms and mode of speech. Again this common shared American memory resonated perfectly with my own, for I had been a Confederate cavalryman in the 5th Georgia Volunteer Regiment and had worked on the railroads for a large part of that life. The bonding was complete, yet at the time my conscious mind knew not why.

As the reader can deduce we were not engaged in your average run of the mill conversation between total strangers! After an hour or so we duly exchanged addresses and went our separate ways, even though over the next 3 days our paths continued to cross several times as if to reinforce the importance of this relationship connection. As with all networking events a myriad of connections are made, some ephemeral, some of passing mutual interest and some much deeper and long lasting but all in some way change one for the better as we journey through this physical life.

The universe appears to run entirely on universal unconditional love and the relationships between souls seem to be its main priority. In all of my work this seems to be the overriding precept with no exceptions. All of us sow many relationship seeds as we walk the surface of this beautiful planet but very few are lasting and bear fruit. This however was to be a life changing event for David and I was fortunate enough to be there for the ride.

Dr Ian C Baillie, August 2008.

In April 2011 David made the pilgrimage back to Lincoln County, New Mexico. The circle of life and death finally completed.

Oct 17, '11

my Beloved Billy. We are making plans to meet.

Feb 13, '14
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