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Rebel Spirit
Oct 17, '11

I am a rebel spirit and that is what I am - so the Civil War song goes. For me the war never finished as I was born with a vivid memory of my past life there. I have the same body, face, memory and name - Baillie.

Click on the photos to expand.

The first comparison shows me as I was in 1861 aged 33 and 1901 aged 72. I paid a lot of money for the 1861 picture as it was a keepsake for my girlfriend. The other was taken in 1901 at Sutherland Bluff, near Darien, Georgia on the occasion of the opening of my brother's Confederate Veterans camp. I can remember both events stored in my subconscious.

A picture of me in 1975 compared with me as I was in 1861. I make no distinction as for me I just have the one continuous memory.

An earlier picture of me in 1970 re-creating my former Civil War life as a Confederate cavalryman.

In 2001 a friend of mine took this picture of me at Tarleton Oaks Guest House in Barnesville, Georgia, a week later at Fort King George, Darien, Georgia I found myself in a photo printed in a tourist history book on sale in the gift shop. Note the same stance! I had come home.

You can download the ebook free on this website and read all this and much more.

Dr Ian C Baillie, October 2011


Oct 17, '11
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