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Evidence for Soul Clans
Feb 06, '11

The bonds of comradeship survive beyond death.

In this article you will see evidence for the re-incarnation of three people who are life long friends in the present and were united in the American Civil War. A powerful and emotional conflict that engenders strong bonds of love and affection between comrades in arms.

The original photograph of CAPTAIN ARTHUR M. RUTLEDGE'S

TENNESSEE LIGHT ARTILLERY BATTERY - Also called First Company, Tennessee Artillery Corps:

Company "A", First Tennessee Artillery. Taken at Nashville, Tennessee ? July 4, 1861.

I recognised my good friend and local gunshop owner Nic Ciccone as the Sergeant in the photograph immediately in 1999. By coincidence their photo was in the same book that my photo was in as Alexander Baillie Kell. Although I recall having seen it before in several Civil War books that I have.

It wasn't until I was helping as a firework consultant to Nic's new company Universal Fireworks of Hythe in 2005 that I had the opportunity of working and with Nic's colleagues. I was struck by the closeness of Nic with his life long school friend Kev. Assisting Kevin with the large 4 inch/6 inch and 8 inch mortars we got to chatting, like me Kevin had been to America 16 times and he made a point of saying he had been to Tennessee twice. He had walked the battlefields, wore and American eagle belt buckle, was interested in American history and even had a USA badge on his van.

I was prompted to re-examine the photograph and immediately recognised Kevin as the Lt. Colonel in the photograph. I also observed that Kevin would never wear the official red safety helmet that Nic as boss of Universal Fireworks would provide instead he preferred to wear his white helmet exactly as he wears the distinctive white hat in the photograph. A standard joke was that Nic would give Kev an order and Kev would immediately give that order to someone else! I also observed the way they would both give orders to Shane, who worked dutifully for Nic but hated explosions and never got involved in lighting the fireworks.

Their artillery caisson is now a silver van and they are never happier than when messing together and handling large amounts of ordinance, especially shells and black powder.

He we see a typical firework shoot using over 1 ton of assorted shells and fireworks. This is a good example of persistent past life behaviour being continued in the present as though there were no time.

Whilst assisting you can see that I am subconsciously dressed as a Confederate cavalryman, complete with boots, kepi and ammo pouch! Further research revealed that the 5th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry had served alongside the 1st Tennessee Artillery at several engagements most notably in hauling cannon for them up Brush Mountain, Georgia during the Kennesaw Mountain Campaign June, 1864. This is a particularly strong memory for me and the reason I am part of their soul clan.

So the battle continues exactly as we sat around the campfire cooking in 1864 so we find ourselves engaged in similar activity in this life.

I first met Nic in 1982 when I used to visit his gunshop to buy black powder and I temporarily lodged my guns with him when I moved to Germany to work for the Army in 1984 whilst I applied for my Waffen Schein and Waffen Besitz Karte. We became instant friends and at the time he had the very distinctive bushy moustache exactly as in the original photograph.

Soul clans are everywhere in your life! If you stick together over a long period of time you probably have been together before. Love is the glue that binds the universe together.

Feb 06, '11

1865 views on December 11, 2011. Nice coincidence! End of the Civil War...

Dec 11, '11
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