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A Confederate General Returns
Feb 05, '11

In this article we explore the remarkable case of General George E Pickett CSA who has been reunited with his family in this life. This demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that LOVE unites us across time.

Here we see Paul and Diane Karabin visiting the graves of Major General George E Pickett Confederate States Army and his beloved wife Sallie "La Salle" Corbell Pickett. Paul contacted me several years ago after experiencing an intense flashback memory episode whilst visiting Gettysburg, PA. Up to then he was little interested in the American Civil War being more attracted to World war 2. He stayed with his young family 3 days and was constantly asked by people if he "re-enacted as he looked just like General Pickett of Gettysburg fame." The penny finally dropped on that fateful trip and so began his long journey of discovery into his past life as "George."

Suddenly all of his emotions and memories made sense. He embraced the adventure and began re-enacting his past self which accelerated the process of totally memory recall. But this was not the only surprise in store.

After knowing "George" for some 3 months I asked him "what did his wife think?"

"No problem, Diane is my wife from that life, she has the same face and memory of La Salle Pickett!" It turned out that Diane had met Paul when she was 12 just as Sallie had met the General when she was 12. Together Paul and I unravelled his memories and I watched in fascination as the whole story unfolded.

But this was not the end ...

for into their present lives came Sarra from Chicago one Christmas announcing that she had the same face and memory of George's sister Virginia Pickett!

Finally in June 2008 Sarra made the train journey of her life to be reunited with her brother from the American Civil War.

Paul and Diane's case has been an amazing journey of exploration and is indicative of many people's journey over the last 10 years in a global process of increased self awareness. Being famous is not glamorous and genuine cases suffer continued trauma and blockages that must be addressed as healing in the present. General Pickett lost 7000 men in 20 minutes at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863 a date written heavily on his soul. Many were personal friends and companions which emotionally charged the event beyond comprehension. Paul takes their loss personally and in 2006 returned to Gettysburg to release the trapped souls of his men many of whom still haunt the battlefield.

The final slide shows Paul playing Dixie on his violin in the wheat field at Gettysburg were so many died. He is surrounded by orbs of light in which can be seen quite clearly the faces of his soldiers and as Paul relates "One long dead Confederate Officer even removed his kepi in salute to his beloved General that he still recognised."

The General released them from their duty and bade them go to the light........ an extreme act of love and healing.

Feb 05, '11
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