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A Fashionable Memory
May 23, '11

Alexander McQueen died tragically, committing suicide after the death of his mother. His wonderful designs spoke volumes of someone utilising their intuitive memory and accessing their past life experience stored in their own subconscious mind. The prolific number of dresses produced in such a short period of time also demonstrate an innate ability not reliant on text books and web sources.

Thanks Jay. I'm thinking of doing an article on Alexander McQueen the designer who tragically died. His creations are so inspired and you get the feeling that he was just drawing from his memories. The historical themes just leap at you. Yet he had no formal history knowledge or training. Visually stunning. I love clothes from a sense of purpose and history.

What we wear and how it feels is a large part of past life and future/memory. For instance. I know I wear an electric blue one piece suit when I flew or will be flying a UFO. I thought it was the future coming through but it may have been the deep past? The memory translates as choosing a one piece French ski suit in that colour which is brilliant. I've worn it in minus 40 and not been cold. Feels like you are ready to fly when you wear it. Medieval times it's the hoses! The feel of wearing those. Translates as the same feeling when wearing skinny jeans!!! Lol. English Civil War it was the bucket top leather boots with the jingle of the spurs as you walked. The smell of gunpowder, a pint of real ale by a roaring pub log fire all memories. Smell and feel/touch are very memorable as they are under used senses. Just as riding a horse or wearing a kilt have that deja vu qualities that are instant memory joggers. Have you any similar memories that translate into the now through your clothes? Your look is very distinctive and says who you are. Pretty cool too!

I've talked about this to lots of people who strike me as wearing a modern version of what they used to wear. One formidable women I stopped at random in the street as she was so striking looked exactly like one of Boudicca's finest warriors. Her jewellery and tattoos all shouted CELTIC WARRIOR! She had no idea until I pointed it out and then she said "funnily enough I have always identified with Boudicca!". Hence her rebellion against authority and the system. She was most interested when I pointed out all the fine details and went on her way determined to research that period of history.

It is all part of the search for who we are and the greatest journey of all the discovery of self.

Bright blessing

Ian :)

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On 23 May 2011, at 04:22, Jay Graham wrote:

I added their music to the homepage anyway. Nice work on the new aticle I like it.



May 23, '11


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