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A Naval Pastlife
Apr 08, '11

In 1965 Dr Norman Conrad Delaney was researching for his doctoral thesis in Griffin, Georgia just outside Atlanta. Whilst interviewing a grandson of the legendary John McIntosh Kell of CSS Alabama fame he chanced upon an old photograph of the naval officers younger brother. Little did he know that he had found a picture of me, Dr Ian Charles Baillie in a previous life and that he was in fact my famous brother reborn.

The Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama was the scourge of the Yankee shipping for close on two year 1862 to 1864. Destroying in total 69 ships.before its historic duel with the USS Kearsage. Captain Raphael Seemes and first officer John McIntosh Kell were rescued by the Earl of Southampton in his yacht Deerhound and made their way back to the Confederacy after a heroic welcome in England..Honour had been satisfied.

Below is a rather splendid rendition of the famous duel fought off of Cherbourg, France June 19, 1864. By coincidence Alexander Baillie Kell was engaged in his most memorable battle on Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia that same day.

John retired and died in 1900 he is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery Griffin, Georgia in a family plot.

Alexander Baillie Kell is buried alongside his favourite sister Hettie in the same plot.

However, I am proud to say my brother lives and is now a retired Confederate Naval history professor in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Dr Ian C Baillie, April 2011.

Apr 08, '11
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