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Escaping the Paradigm Prison
Feb 04, '11

Notes from a talk given by Dr Ian C Baillie

The talk was given to 55 members of Andy Thomas group at Burgess Hill, East Sussex, November 4, 2010.

Timewave Zero and the work of Terence McKenna predicting the end of the present time cycle December 21, 2012. The birth of a new paradigm of spiritual consciousness and human evolution is taking place right now the change began in 1989 and the transition will complete around 2034; 2012 represents a bench mark on the way.

It represents the completion of the 13 Baktun wave harmonic. Time is a fractal wave, we repeat past life patterns in the present Timewave; The English Civil War and the American Civil War share many similarities. As the increased complexity and the interconnectivity of all things accelerates so history spirals into a singularity at the 2012 point before spiralling out into a new time wave.

This fits with the Ancient Mayan prediction based on Galactic rotation and Earth's precession of the equinox. We have been there before and will so again, the fall of Atlantis and the Rama Empire marked the end of the last cycle 12,000 years ago.

Most of the universe is invisible! Consciousness resides in this invisible sub-quantum realm. We are trans-dimensional composite beings made spirit, mind and body.

I was born with a much more complex blood supply to my brain which may account for my ability to consciously remember my past lives in this present timewave.

The brain is a modem, the body a wet carbon based computer, DNA our software code allowing us access to the physical atomic matrix. Our mind is a website of personal information, our 10% conscious mind our RAM memory, our 90% sub-conscious mind our ROM past life memory, the universe is simply an internet of information. We have built in silicon a mirror image of how we work in carbon!

I am therefore a living key to unlock the mystery of our spiritual journey on this tiny blue jewel we call home.

Extreme re-enactment of past life memory 1968 aged 13. For me the Civil war was not over.

I re-enacted very precise details from my last life! Including the commissioning ceremony, for I never became an Officer despite being recommended for promotion by the Colonel and General Beauregard.

I manifested detailed memories from the 1860s in the 1960s, including making a detailed replica of our 5th Georgia Cavalry flag.

I also made my own firearms, starting with my first pistol when I was 9 years of age. It had to be a Colt Navy .36! They all worked, including the musket, bayonet and cannon. I recreated all the major weapons I had used in the American Civil War 1861-1865.

Then in 1999 all was revealed when I walked into a bookshop in Folkestone, took a book off the shelf and randomly opened it at the page with a photograph of a man with the same face as me and the same name as me! Very quickly I discovered that I also had the same memory. The quantum universe had manifest before my eyes the solution to my only question, ?Do we live again??

Alexander Baillie Kell 1828 to 1912 - 5th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry CSA 1862 to 1865.

Same weird haircut LOL! J Alexander B Kell ?Baillie? / Ian Charles Baillie 1861/1971

I had answered my own question. It was like winning the national lottery 3 times over.

You can now share in the discovery by downloading Rebel Spirit from this website free!
Feb 04, '11

You can listen to the pod cast from the talk. Download now!

Oct 08, '11
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