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Manifesting Memory
Nov 05, '16

Fabricating the past

A desire to reconstruct the clothing, armour and weapons of my past lives has been the dominating theme of this my current life.

Visiting the same places, learning the same languages and reenacting the period has also been a major factor in everything that I have undertaken.

At the time this was completely driven by my subconscious responding to traumatic and emotional events experienced in those lives and synchronous with my physical age and my other selves.

Drawing up timelines of known lives with dates has confirmed this in spectacular fashion. The conclusion is that my subconscious has been firmly in control of everything I have chosen and done. Further it is as if the matrix itself has conspired to present the opportunities for all of these things to happen. One is left with the stunning revelation that the universe in the third dimension is programmed specifically so that each and everyone of us is doing this!

The computing power of such a system is mind bogglingly off scale of anything humanity can imagine. It is in short infinite.

Covenant General

I recently discovered the negatives of the original photographs taken by my sister upon the completion of my first subconscious attempt at reclaiming General William Baillie from my subconscious. They were taken at the end of Easter university recess 1975 and then used at the grand reenactment of Brill that June. Organised by the Sealed Knot, King's Army and the Roundhead Association, with the cooperation and participation of the entire village of Brill near Aylesbury the whole weekend event was a massive group time travel experience for the 3000+ people that attended. Details an be found in Rebel Spirit in the chapter entitled "Horses."

Made from Scratch

Everything was manufactured from materials purchased, my old leather motorcycle jacket, scrap aluminium sheet and an old aliminium saucepan!

I employed my faithful old treadle powered Victorian Singer sewing machine, needle, thread and basic hand tools found.


Seeing the familiar and wishing to capture and possess it overwhelms me at times. The inspiration came from a visit to Elizabeth Castle in Jersey in September 1974. It was a week long holiday with my father and best friend before I embarked for University in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I vividly remember entering the room containing the tableaux of Charles and James returning from exile and being welcomed by the Governeur of Jersey.

The other tableau of Sir Walter Rayleigh barely got my attention such was the draw to this one figure standing guard in the corner.

I had come face to face with my former self!!! Such was the power of the moment that I purchased two postcards not one lest I lost or one was destroyed I would have a spare. Another trait of mine when I see something of significance to my past.

It was a sunny afternoon as we left the castle by amphibious WW2 Duck and we then went to a nearby sea front cafe for a coffee.

I was so absorbed in the moment that I doodled the pictures below to the exclusion of all else.

Unbeknown to me at the time I was drawing a picture of myself in 1649!

The Dutch Connection

I had been studying Dutch for a year 1974-75 and departed for Holland during the summer recess of 1975 after working as a Safety Boatman at Broadstairs Viking Bay. This fortuitous event was brought about by a chance encounter with Mevrouw Endstra who was delayed at Ramsgate station with her husband and daughter whilst returning from a day trip to London. Such is the immaculate timing of events in the matrix! This one encounter changed my whole life and facilitated my exploration of my General William Baillie life.

I remember visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam that summer but it wasn't until 2001 that my conscious mind finally discovered the significance of my Dutch connection. The answer was hidden in plain sight in the painting known as "De Schuttersmaaltijd" bij van der Helst.

For there on the far right is a portrait of then Colonel William Baillie in 1638 immediately before he returned to Scotland to take up the post of Major General of Infantry for the Scottish Covenant Army.

Nov 05, '16
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