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John Quilliam
Feb 10, '16

John Quilliam now Jonathan Mount:

First officer of HMS Victory, cool under fire and still a great man.

His Finest Moment

"Quilliam soon repaid the faith Nelson had placed in him as the following extract from James's Naval History of Great Britain shows, he assisted in steering her into action at Trafalgar: - "Just as she (the Victory) had got about 500 yards of the larboard beam of the Bucentaure the Victory's mizzen-topmast was shot away, about two-thirds up. A shot also struck and knocked to pieces the wheel; and the ship was obliged to be steered from the gun room, the first lieutenant (John Quilliam) and master (Thomas Atkinson) relieving each other at the duty."

Jonathan over looking Mão Harbour, Menorca November 2016

I seem to be surrounded by friends that have had remarkable lives at certain times. May be as Andy Warhol said we all have 15 minutes of fame or perhaps one lifetime when we do something extraordinary and it gets recorded in the annals of history.

Often we pay a heavy price for sticking our heads above the karmic parapet but sometimes it has to be done and we step up to the plate and take the hits for the good of all mankind.

We are part of the system so as with everyone alive we are working on our spiritual evolution, that is those that have raised their consciousness sufficiently to be aware of such esoteric and altruistic affairs.

This is the story of one such remarkably unassuming but exceptional man.

Every inch a sailor! Saltwater in his veins.

Paella time!

Fornells from the top of El Toro Jonathan's favourite sailing place.


The Manx hero has never been forgotten. His home was the Isle of Man in this life Jonathan has made Menorca his home from home.

On the Isle of Man where John came from they still remember him and have a Captain John Quilliam Day once a year.

The school children dress up to commemorate their hero which is very fitting as we are all teachers in this current life!

Captain John Quilliam RN (born Marown, Isle of Man 29 September 1771 - died Michael, Isle of Man 10 October 1829) was a Royal Navy officer and the First Lieutenant on HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. He was a farmer’s son from the Isle of Man who was impressed in the Royal Navy in 1794.

Read more by clicking on the link below.

History Repeats

He was First Lieutenant aboard HMS Amazon at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, his gallantry and calmness under fire following the death of Captain Edward Riou and all the senior officers on his ship was rewarded with being made First Lieutenant on HMS Victory by Horatio Nelson.

Jonathan is proud of his Danish heritage in this life!

Captain Edward Riou

The gallant Captain Riou another exceptional man looks awfully familiar to both Jonathan and myself! I have yet to confirm my parallel discovery so stay tuned for updates.

Jonathan and I plan to visit HMS Victory in the near future. This will be the subject of a further update.

Feb 10, '16
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