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Jul 29, '15

There is always much more to people than meets the eye!

Guro Parvanova my good Norwegian crop circle friend is one such lady.

A teacher and mother of three daughters she went at an early age to Russia where she studied and met her husband.

Life took many twists and turns and Guro finally met my Viking Sister Eva at school in Oslo. There she introduced Eva to the crop circle phenomenon.

Several years ago we met when I visited my Viking Sister who was staying in the Vale of Pewsey. I was immediately taken by her strong charismatic presence and charm which although diminished by illness shone as bright as ever.

This summer 2015, we met again as I ventured into the Vale. Such a transformation! Guro underwent a pacemaker operation and the person I met was back to her former glory!

We have corresponded over the winter on Sami matters which helped to clarify my own memories of tepee indigenous living as I realised that I too was Sami at some point back in time, probably 3000 years ago? It all made sense for even though I relate totally with the Native Americans and have had recent lives in both the American Revolution and Civil War I have no memory of an indigenous life. The Sami connection provided the answer.

My Viking sister has very strong Sami memories and therefore I must have too as we have journeyed far together with my soul clan from the stars.



In February 2015 Guro confided in me that she had a very good friend who had memories of being Marie Antoinette. Dubious of such claims yet open minded I investigated.

What I discovered was amazing!

She was the exact likeness of her!

Guro further confided that the lady in question has reoccurring memories of running through the hall of mirrors in Versailles. This intriguing detail needs further investigation but might well be linked to the terror of being chased and captured during the 1789 revolution?

The lady in question still suffers nightmare and mental blocks from that life and is not yet fully ready to embrace her own past. I hope that in future days as the healing progresses that I can bring you more of this story and further detail.

In a flash of insight I could see Guro as one of her ladies in waiting! A confident to the tragic princess that didn't want to be a princess and preferred playing at being milk maids rather than being the political pawn of kings.

And there she was!

Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchess of Polignac (8 September 1749 – 9 December 1793) was the favourite of Marie Antoinette, whom she first met when she was presented at the Palace of Versailles in 1775, the year after Marie Antoinette became the Queen of France. She was considered one of the great beauties of pre-Revolutionary high society, but her extravagance and exclusivity earned her many enemies.

Friends again! Friends beyond the grave.
Jul 29, '15
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