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I Knew Billy the Kid
Feb 26, '11

Crop circles have a lot to answer for! In 2010 I met Tita Martinez at the Devizes conference. From the off it was obvious that there was a strong past life connection not only with myself but also with me good friend David Baxter aka Billy the Kid. A couple of months later all was revealed when Tita realised that she was the reincarnation of Celsa Guiterrez who knew Billy and was there the day he died. Same face, same memories?

Not much is known of Celsa's origins. Maybe because no one has really done a lot of research on her. She lived at Fort Sumner at the time Billy frequented there. She was a good friend of Billy as well. She had a husband named Saval, who was most likely either her brother or cousin as well. Celsa was also the sister of Apolonaria Garrett, Pat Garrett's wife.

Was Tita Martinez, Celsa Gutierrez? You decide...

Tita writes...

November 16th e-mail


You cracked me up laughing!! But I was working all day for another brutal 12-hr day so I couldn't get back to you. YOU made my day with that reply and I was smiling all day!! Damn this 6-hr time zone difference! Back on NOV 16 I sent you a 2 part (cut off) email with a website I found.... here is the body of the email (which I had sent to David back then too):

? There's a lot of debate about who was Billy's STEADY girlfriend. I think we need to research PHOTOS of the main possible candidates like Paulita Maxwell and Celsa Gutierrez

? Today I found this little gem:

? All the books and records apparently debate/dismiss this Abrana story....

? So, when I 1st added David to my FB, I noticed that his birthday was the same as my best friend at high school... but I never mentioned her name: Virginia (Gina) Gutierrez

? MY LAST MARRIED NAME WAS GUTIERREZ! My former husband who was a West Pointer and I divorced him in 2008, was of TexMex decent, last name Gutierrez. I joked with my BFF Gina that we were now sisters officially when I took his name.

? I still think that us 3: Ian, David & moi, have been linked-souls in common ground or joint past lives before... and now we've been thrown together by the crop circles as catalyst?

? No, I don't have any images or memories coming forth, just strong emotions and intuitions, enough to keep me up at night. But I really think WE 3 should do a research trip to New Mexico, be in the energies and landscape, to see what comes out... good for your case study book... or just for FUN! Sooooo Ian, is the plot thickening enough for your taste??!!

I have also attached another photo of me & my friend Gina on High School Graduation (1980)... she's the one with all the medals!

Wake up Billy Boy and start writing me back!!!


Tita "Lyriana" Martinez

The stunning coincidence of having a friend at high school and marrying to have the same surname as her former self is a typical example of how the universe operates on coincidence. We swim in a sea of answers but just do not know the questions. The universe posts us many sign posts throughout life, we just need to learn how to read them.

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 26, '11

I hope you understand my added comment was directed at the general audience of this website, especially those individuals who have felt insecurely offended by this disclosure! Much Love & Light & Thanks always....

May 26, '11

Of course it is a very valid discussion point and great for the wider audience as it raises real issues and extremely valid points. As I say to the audience I am just me and living in the NOW is the important thing. In fact I ambitious sure that there is such a thing as past lives as everything is just NOW! so yes no worries. No offense should be taken by anyone. Everything is coincidence. I've now seen so many coincidences in my research that it can't be a coincidence! It is just the norm. We are discovering and discussing things that our language was never meant to discuss. Hence it is very difficult to put these concepts into words. David and I have both reached a state of gnosis and are content to float in the ocean of current events. The healing has worked!

May 26, '11

It should read 'I am now sure that there is no such thing as past lives everything is just NOW' iPhone has a typing lag and the predictive text has a mind of its own LOL Xxx

May 27, '11

Great post Lyriana! I thought you had read the above article. The coincidences are too big to ignore especially as they are manifesting much faster at this special time in the history of the planet. The quantum interconnectability of all things past present and future is speeding up. Exact proof is impossible as we live in a quantum universe of maybe uncertainty. The fact that you facilitated David's trip and made this beautiful event happen out of all the myriad of possiblities and outcomes shows that the unthinkable is possible perhaps you were are Celsa? Only you know. But it does feel righ and if it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck, it's probably a freakin' duck - as we say in science! Lol

May 26, '11

Wow, I just got to see this posted article... 3 months later! Somehow it escaped my glance before!

I want to emphasize here that the object of that old email to Ian was more an exercise of questions/possibilities and stating synchronistic coincidences. I have NEVER stated that I am indeed Celsa Gutierrez nor that I have any of those actual memories. I found it curious that the only photo we've seen of Celsa online did have a resemblance of me in my teens. Does that alone make or disprove the case? That is in the eye of the beholder.

I did have the opportunity of flying David to Lincoln County New Mex last April, but we did not make it to Ft Sumner on this one trip. We had lots of fun exploring the region AS FRIENDS! (Plenty of photos posted on my Facebook profile). No need for anyone to feel threatened or insulted by this trip or the coincidences exposed here. Remember: "There's always more than meets the eye!" ... and.... let David express his experiences & impressions himself if need be. ~ "When you turn a light on in a dark room, the light always wins!" ~

Thank you Ian ALWAYS for your teachings & understanding!


Tita "Lyriana" Martinez

May 26, '11

Great post! I have posted my reply above! I love the coincidences they speak volumes as an example of the quantum reality that we inhabit love and hugs Xxx

May 26, '11
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