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Miss Fenn Returns
May 04, '15

At the Grant Colyer psychic Sunday event I had the great pleasure of meeting Katherine McAuliffe Murphy an energetic dynamic lady hairdresser born in Hackney 1986.

Kat dazzled us! She is extremely intelligent and knowledgable about her craft and I soon picked up on her connection with Deb and Heidi. Her connection with Deb was particularly strong.

Later in the afternoon I suddenly recognised the footballer in her! Then in an instant I made the connection.

I showed Deb the footballing picture of the British Ladies Football Club 1895! I then pointed to the person sitting next to her in her last life!!!

"Don't show her that!" Deb said immediately.

I desisted but my subconscious kept nagging me. During a conversation pause I said to Kat, "Did you say you liked football?"

She replied, "I used to play for Arsenal but I didn't tell you I played football! How did you you know that?"

She was totally amazed. I now couldn't contain myself as Kat continued exclaiming to the other people present about my not having previous knowledge.

"I think I know why?" I said. "I'm going to show you a photo on my iPhone tell me your first reactions without thinking."

I them showed Kat the photograph enlarged with the picture of the lady footballer next to Ruth Coupland.

Kat laughed in recognition and looked at Deb! She then went on to tell us about how she had learnt to play with Arsenal but was then spotted by a talent scout and signed by Tottenham aged 13. Her family are all Arsenal supporters! Needless to say friction ensued lol

I then asked Kat if I could take some pictures of her for comparison, to which she agreed and struck a characteristic pose.

"I will research the connection because it's all in the DNA." I added.

I then made sure I had her details correct.

It all in the DNA

Kat was born in Hackney 1986. McAuliffe and Murphy give her that strong Irish fire that bubbles in her. She manages a team of hairdressers and works hard at team bonding.

Having risen in the celebrity hairdressing world in London specialising in hair loss treatments and hair extensions she followed her heart and instead of taking a prestigious salon position in LA moved to Broadstairs.

Such is the way of the universe at connecting past life soul clans.

A subconscious script being run maybe?

The Research

On the way back on the train I couldn't resist re accessing the available Internet information.

The famous football photo of the British Ladies Football team 1895 yielded some new pictures including one with names that I hadn't previously seen.

I thought at first it read Miss Finn below the lady in question but further research confirmed that it was Miss Fenn!

What's in a Name

Finn had an obvious Irish connection so initially I was a bit disappointed to find it was Fenn. However on looking up the origins of the name I noted it was Old English for someone who lived next to a marsh or low lying land. I thought instantly of Hackney Marshes and the connection although more subtle was obvious. Again the universe is a clever crossword machine!!! Lol

Coats of Arms

Always good for seeing the origin of souls and DNA lines the coats of arms correlated.

Fenn and McAuliffe had obvious connections. The colours and the scallop shell mermaid connection. I was gratified to find 5 pointed stars showing star heritage too.

Further the mermaids seemed to be hairdressers armed as they are with combs and mirrors!!!

Also I noted that the impish Miss Fenn had played for the Blue and White South Team in addition to the Red North Team with Deb and Heidi!

Colour coordination.

Sooooo all in all a good day at the office and now we have the Three Lady Musketeers reunited!

May 04, '15
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