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Billy the Kid's Wife Speaks
Feb 26, '11

Melissa Bryan was Abrana Garcia Bonney, the wife of Billy the Kid, in her previous life. Her evidence is compelling and detailed. Is this yet another case of the same face the same memories? You be the judge...

Abrana Garcia


Note the close resemblance especially the eyes and the spacing of the mouth and chin.

I have the Marriage Document, backed up with a Family Story to Prove it.

I also have Pics of the place it occurred at.

The Marriage Document states clearly Feb. 11, 1871 - Santa Fe, NM Catholic Archdiocese. It also States one Abrana Garcia B. Dec. 14, 1854 Wed to one Martin Garcia, No Birth Date Listed. There are also Witnesses listed.

I also have a Collection of Records, Birth, Marriage, Census and Death for not just my Former self, but for Billy, our 4 Kids and Pictures as well. If I were to ever get a chance, I would gladly show most anyone the Collection that I have.

It is in the Billy the Kid Packet through the State of NM.

Anyone can get a hold of it. I did.

I remember with great clarity the raid on my Canyon de Chelly Navajo Home Village by Kit Carson and the Ute Indians.

I remember the Santa Fe, NM Indian School where my Mother and I were placed.

I remember being placed with the Maxwell Family out of Ft. Sumner, NM.

I remember the times before I met Billy in that life.

I remember Meeting Billy for the first time in that life.

I remember the place that I met him (I still visit there from time to time).

I remember Meeting his Mother and Family.

I remember Catherine Antrim's Funeral.

I remember the Wedding.

I remember the Honeymoon.

I remember the Births of all 4 of our Children.

I remember the Gambling Forays and many Travels.

I remember several Well Known and some Lesser Known Gunfights.

I remember Billy's Death at the hands of Pat Garrett.

I remember the Funeral and the Wake.

I remember cleaning up the Murder Scene.

I remember the marriages of all 4 of my Children.

I remember holding my Twin Gr. Grandsons.

I remember my Grandson, Martin, Named for Billy.

I remember my own passing from that life.

Pablia Paulita Maxwell, Baby Pat Abrana and Abrana Garcia

Melissa and her husband re-enact memories from the Wild

Melissa's shrine to Billy including his personal side arm

So many memories and things I still need to elaborate on. Oh well all in good time...

Melissa lives in New Mexico and travels often in and around her old home grounds from that time. Her information is copious and detailed. It throws much light on the personal and human side of one of the Wild West's greatest legends. Reader's of this article might also like to download and read my book Discovering Billy the Kid; the case of David Baxter reincarnated. I shall be posting episodes of her memories as we go along.

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 26, '11

Nice pic Malachim! Cool

Feb 13, '14

Hi aadanielleg. Great comments. What you see is what you get with us. The soul bares all and emotions can't lie. We live in a rough physical world. The human body was created with just two strands if DNA so that different spirits of different galactic races could live side by side in order to learn from each other and about each other. Sounds like you've run up against the Reptilians who are your average scheming money grabbing bankers! We are star nations. The indigenous cultures around the world know that we come from the stars and will return there one day. My own journey has been wonderful. I was born with an extra blood supply and piping to my brain which makes it more efficient at accessing my subconscious. So having proven I was once Alexander Baillie Kell (well as there is no time in the quantum universe where consciousness resides I still am) same name, same face, same memories. As my fellow true scientists say "if if swims like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a F£&@!?? Duck!" So the journey continues I know have 4 documented past lives and a case book of fellow travellers for company. Like Jesus those with memory and the ability to be different are often persecuted by the majority of Sheeple who are asleep consciously. So sticking your neck out as my fellow compatriots have done is a very brave thing. I applaud them everyone. Welcome to the family. Big hug Xxxx Ian

Feb 13, '14

Please write an article with you photos in that would be great! If you need any help email me at btinternet.

Feb 13, '14
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