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Fitzhugh Lee
Apr 18, '14

Cody Collins is an amazing person. Her story is a good example of overcoming adversity and the searching for the truth of who she once was?

We all have many past lives. Some important, some grand and some plain disasters! Often we learn more in the quiet lives spiritually than when we are being players on the stage of history.

All our actions attract karma. So caveat emptor - buyer be ware! Do unto others as you would have done unto you! Wise words indeed.

Sometimes in becomes necessary to directly intervene in events for we all create the larger reality that is the human story.

Cody has relived her military past in this life and despite being only 22 she has seen a lot if action and triumphed becoming a Marine Drill Sergeant.

This article is concerned with her past life as either Confederate Cavalry General and Governor of Virginia Fitzhugh Lee or Cavalry General Rooney Lee. The former was the nephew of Robert E Lee and the latter his second son.

Fitzhugh Lee

Rooney Lee

This has led to some confusion on the account that the Lee clan were such a dynamic close knit bunch of souls.

I was taken by the photo of a young Rooney with his father.

The spirits say that she is/was Fitzhugh Lee. On this point they are adamant. Also they are rarely wrong! Certainly with my own case as Colonel Robert Magaw in the American Revolution they were 100% correct.

Also there is a striking resemblance between Cody and Fitzhugh Lee!

So as we know our body retains the characteristics of the former especially around the eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul.

However in her heart she feels so close to Robert E Lee as to experience the intense bond of love that only a son can have for a beloved father.

Her drawing of Traveller, General Lee's faithful horse speaks volumes.

Cody's own horse reminded her of Traveller.

So the jury is out! Only time will tell and Cody will find the answer as the search continues.

So stay tuned for updates!
Apr 18, '14
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