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Ordnance Issues to 1st & 2nd Battalions GA Cavalry, & 5th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
Apr 25, '13

Just looking at more interesting stuff. the 1st and 2nd GA Cav Batt's were merged in 1863 to become the 5th GA Cavalry. Some really wild things here. Yellow trim for caps, Leggings for Cavalry, English Sabers and Belts......

From the CSR's of Capt. O.C. Hopkins 1st Batt GA Cav:

July 10th 1862 (at Camp Penn as part of 1st Batt. GA Cav)

20 Carbine Straps

20 English Sabers and Belts

June 18th 1863 (after his company became Co. H 5th GA Cav)

166 pr Shoes

111 pr Leggings

CSR of Lt. Brailsford 1st Batt. GA Cav.

June 5th 1862

16 Foreign (?) Sabers

21 Joslyin Carbines

73 Ball Bags

73 Canteens and Straps

73 Haversacks

5250 Percussion Caps

1000 Cartridges Cal .53

31 Carbine Slings

25 Sabre Belts

Aug. 26th 1862

17 English Sabers and Belts

Sept. 4th 1862

1000 Shot Gun Cartridges

30 Rifle Slings

CSR's of Maj. Davant 2nd GA Cav Batt.

June 6th

1000 Sharps Carbine Cartridges

2000 Ball Cartridges and Caps cal. 53

1500 Musket Caps

CSR of Lt. Stewart, 2nd GA Cav Batt.

Nov. 1st 1862 - To Co. "A"

44 1/2 yd. Cloth @ $4.50 yd.

(Note: On Nov. 8th 1862 the Capt of Co. A got 4 gross of "Large Staff Buttons" and 2 gross of "Small Staff buttons" looks like they were making uniforms for men in the company. That's a lot of buttons.......)

CSR of Capt. Strubhar Co. A 2nd GA Batt:

May 28th 1862

42 pr Boots @ 4.50 pr

June 10th 1862

4 pairs of pistols and holters

CSR of Capt. Whitberger Co. D. 2nd GA Cav Batt:

Aug 31st 1862

100 Rifle Boots

600 Colts Navy Cartridges

250 Percussion Caps

CSR of Capt. Akins Co. B. 5th GA Cavalry

June 6th 1862

2 Haversacks

14 Slings for Rifles

June 18th 1863

128 pr Shoes

86 pr Leggings

July 11th 1863

68 Coats

68 pr Pants

68 Caps

68 Cotton Shirts

68 pr Drawers

Oct. 24th 1863

14 yards yellow trimming (for caps)

4 Axes

12 Camp Kettles

8 Ovens and Lids

40 Curry Combs

2 Jackets

2 pr Pants

36 Shirts

31 pr Pants

31 pr Drawers

2 Caps

24 pr Shoes

21 pr Leggings

CSR of Col. R.H. Anderson, 5th GA Cav.

April 28th 1863

219 Cavalry Saddles

219 Cavalry Bridles and Halters

264 Moss Saddle Blankets

April 29th 1863 (from Macon Arsenal)

135 Cavalry Saddles

135 Cavalry Bridles and Halters

235 Moss Saddle Blankets

May 29th 1863 (from Macon Arsenal)

48 Cavalry Saddles

48 Cavalry Bridles and Halters

251 Moss Saddle Blankets

June 10th 1863 (from Macon Arsenal)

150 Navy Revolvers

Dec. 11th 1863 (at Adams Run SC)

48 Cavalry Bridles

25 Cavalry Halters

30 Valises

36 Saddle Blankets

106 Canteens and Straps

48 Haversacks

1 Curry Comb

Dec. 22nd 1863 (at Green Pond SC)

6232 Maynard Cartridges

5000 Mississippi Rifle Cartridges

35 lbs Rifle Powder

4000 Sporting Caps

6000 Military Caps

Dec. 30th 1863 (at Grenn Pond SC)

6036 Colts Navy Pistol Cartridges

1400 Colts Army Pistol Cartridges

I'm not finished going through the 5th GA Cav stuff yet, I will post more later,

Thank you Will MacDonald!

More from the CSR of Col. Anderson.

Turned over to Ordnance Officer at Savannah Georgia, Oct 26th 1863

21 Musketoons in Bad Order

38 Double Barreled Shot Guns in Bad Order

200 Holster Pistols

48 Holster Pistols in Bad Order

136 Pairs Holsters in Bad Order

28 Cavalry Sabers in Bad Order

9 Cavalry Bits in Bad Order

17 Cartridge Boxes in Bad Order

6 Cap Pouches in Bad Order

6000 Shotgun Cartridges

9300 R.B. Cartridges Cal .52

2000 R.B. Cartridges Cal .53

5000 Mixed Cartridges in Bad Order

149 Saber Belts

105 lb's Lead Ball

Turned over to Ordnance Officer at Savannah Georgia Oct 27th 1863

139 Canteens in Bad Order

7 Cavalry Sabers in Bad Order

70 Saddles in Bad Order

14 Haversacks in Bad Order

1 pr Holsters in Bad Order

8 pr Saddle Bags in Bad Order

12 Rifle Boots in Bad Order

17 Bridles in Bad Order

25 Curry Combs in Bad Order

2 Horse Brushes in Bad Order

15 pr Spurs in Bad Order

5 Cartridge Boxes in Bad Order

2 Ball Bags in Bad Order

2583 Mixed Cartridges in Bad Order

4 Cavalry Bits in Bad Order

Turned Over to Ordnance officer at Savannah Georgia Nov. 14th 1863

60 Cavalry Saddles in Bad Order

60 Cavalry Saddles Unserviceable

Apr 25, '13
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