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Echoes From the Battlefield
Apr 10, '13

First Person Accounts of Civil War Past Lives

a book by Barbara Lane, Ph.D. (A.R.E. Press, 1996)

Peer into the minds of eleven men and one woman, all Civil War reenactors, who were hypnotically regressed to the time of that war. From their lips, piece after piece of astonishing information unfolds: details about the historic period and vivid descriptions of battles, camp life, prisons, even their own deaths. Theexperiences bring to life the most dramatic period in American history.

The author's quest to connect these memories to actual nineteenth-century people led her to cemeteries, battlefields, and historians such as Brian Pohanka, who also participated in the study. The book provides an overview of reincarnation research, a reader's orientation of Civil war terminology, and eight pages of photographs.

Details for Barbara can be found here:

An Interview; just click on the words below.

Her Website; just click on Welcome...

I thoroughly recommend her books! ;)

Apr 10, '13
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