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A Journey Begins
Feb 12, '11

I met Matthias from Switzerland in July, 2010 whilst researching cropcircles in Wiltshire. Our encounter triggered an acceleration in his journey of self discovery.

"Dear Ian

Thanks a lot for your answer and the first book. I have also already visited myspace and asked for your friendship :?).

I guess I didn't tell you that I'm doing a training to become a psychological counsellor. Part of it means going to a therapist to make similar experiences as my clients do. So yesterday I had the chance to talk about our encounter and the overwhelming feelings in connection with some memories. She has a certain technique, which helps me to get some access to my unconscious. I could relive some feelings related to war. I still couldn't say that these are memories pointing to a former life. It is still very hazy. But at least it helps me to overcome some traumatic energy within myself ? as my present is really peaceful. And that's probably what I have chosen for this life ...

Best wishes, I'm just impressed about the language in your text ? and of course of the content :?).


"Hi Ian

Great to hear from you. Congratulations to your new website. I'm still on my journey to my past lives. Quite many tears have been shed so far, and I'm carrying around a falcon on my right arm :-). I'll be back to England in the summer and will probably spend a night in Ashford at the end of June/begin of July. This might be a possibility to meet again.

Best wishes and have a good time


Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 12, '11
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