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Rene Descartes
Oct 31, '12

Presented here is the photographic evidence for the re-incarnation of Rene Descartes the famous French philosopher scientist and young friend of William Baillie and Sir James Lumsden back at the Siege of Breda in the 1620s whilst under siege we had many interesting conversations around the camp fire which left an indelible impression on Robert and my collective memory.

We met at the Crop Circle Conference Devizes 2010. Rene following his previous life pattern to the letter decided to fulfil his spiritual and intellectual yearnings by taking a sideways step from a promising conventional career in the city for the open mindedness and debate of the crop circle world.

In an instant he had made the same decision that Rene as was had made for he swapped a career in Law for the wanderings of a musketeer in the Dutch Army of the 1620s. He then went on to be the celebrated thinker scientist philosopher we all know and love so well.

Rene 2012 matches that intellect IQ point for IQ point. He not only talks the talk but more importantly walks the walk. Now a celebrated and respected member of the croppie fraternity he combines his passions seamlessly moving between the worlds of finance and intellectual endeavour.

We met in 2010 at precisely the age Rene was when we first met in Holland at the Siege of Breda. Just as with sliding doors we all have our exquisitely timed entrances onto and off of the stage of life as the immortal bard so succinctly penned. I am proud to know him as my friend and his favourite film as a child - The Three Musketeers of course! He is quite simply 'our' d'Artagnan!

Dr Ian C Baillie

Halloween Samhain Samhuinn 2012

Oct 31, '12

The likeness astonished me when I saw the portrait on your i phone and " Rene " standing in front of me. I gazed back and forth at him, and the portrait. Oh Yes, that was Something Else.

David Salter

Nov 04, '12
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