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Past Life/Memory Evidence

We all have previous memory which determines the pattern and lessons we are learning in this present life. There is no time in the sub-quantum universe only the eternal NOW. So time is an illusion as is atomic matter. A holographic construct design to facilitate experience.

We all have future memory. Dreams of what will be. Probability determines our path and our choices create possible futures. You get what you wish for, so be careful you might just get it!

Do you have memories of living on other planets. Do you feel home sick???

The mind is separate from the brain. I think we have demonstrated that. The universe is a giant memory machine. Our minds are our websites labelled with our ego. DNA is our software which allows us to access a physical body. The body is nothing more than a carbon based wet computer to house our spirit temporarily. The brain and the heart are specialised modems to access our website memory and that of all other consciousness entities.










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