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Sophie 1/6th Scale Model
Apr 06, '22

Nachrichtenhelferinnen Des Heeres – Sophie

1/6th DID WWII German Nachrichtenhelferinnen Des Heeres – Sophie collection figure.

The Ranks and insignia of German Women’s Auxiliary Services were the ranks given to women who served in the German military and paramilitary forces during WW2.


Frankreich, Paris.- Kolonnen marschierender Nachrichtenhelferinnen auf einer Straße; PK OKW

The first female auxiliary service in the Wehrmacht was the Army signals communications female auxiliaries, formed on October 1, 1940. Others followed suit, in the army and in the other services. Until December 1941, recruitment was by volunteer enlistment, but by that date unmarried women in the age group 18-40 years could be drafted into auxiliary service. All female auxiliary services were uniformed and under military discipline, with free rations, quarters and clothing. Yet, they were paid according to civil service pay rates and were not considered members of the armed forces, but auxiliaries of the armed forces. Their ranks did not correspond to military ranks.


Nachrichtenhelferinnen des Heeres

Army signals communications female auxiliaries.



Apr 06, '22
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