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Kola Peninsula Pyramids
Oct 09, '21

What is the mysterious riddle of the Russian Pyramids?

The step pyramids, similar to the ones in Central and South America, are twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt.

The Kola Peninsula of Russia

It is so far north, who could live there? It is almost totally inside the Arctic Circle. The Kola Peninsula is an epicenter of archaeological wonders.

There have been some timespans that much of Earth’s northern territory was covered by sheets of ice. Possibly the Kola Peninsula was exposed long enough to become inhabited. Inhabited it was. Way far back in time, a civilization formed at the far north of the peninsula—seven to five millennium BC. The rest of the peninsula was uninhabited until peoples straggled in from the south in the third millennium BC.

The early inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula are remarkable for building elaborate stone labyrinths. Who were these builders? What was the purpose of the labyrinths? One opinion is that the labyrinths were landmarks—beacons—for ancient mariners. Others think they were made for shamanistic rituals, or as fish traps. There are still others who think they are astronomical/astrological aids.

The most famous labyrinth of Kola is above the polar circle, the Babylon Labyrinth. It is thought to be 4,000 years old, but no one knows for sure.

Other northern countries have built similar labyrinths. In order to test the mariner beacon theory, men in boats set out to see if the labyrinths, built along shorelines, usually, could be viewed from the sea. They were able to be viewed from a distance, even when they were partially covered by moss, lichens, or snow.

Various peoples arrived on the Kola Peninsula throughout the centuries: The Sami, the Novgorods, and The Russian Pomors. The peninsula is currently under Russian jurisdiction.

Areas of Russia and northern countries of the region have landscapes that are very sparsely dotted with mysterious pyramid-shaped mountains. Except for their precise shapes, they resemble natural land masses. They have always been considered that—natural parts of the landscape.

When some human-built pyramids were discovered on the Kola Peninsula, the natural pyramids throughout the north were viewed in a different light. Perhaps there were man-made stone pyramids inside them—they had been overgrown down through the ages.

Possibly 9,000 years ago, some of the inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula built at least two-step pyramids out of local stone. They are wonders of construction. Close by are hand-crafted stone walls and the foundation and walls of a water reservoir. The step pyramids, similar to the ones in Central and South America, are twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt!

Archaeological expeditions in years past have been thwarted. The area is much too harsh. There has been little interest in funding and the population of the area dropped off after the Soviet Union fell, so there are not many human or other resources available to help.

Two of the most interested scientific parties died years ago before they could complete their quests of examining the pyramids. They were able to retrieve some tantalizing artifacts, including some metalwork that had elaborate designs of labyrinths pounded into them. The labyrinths are a recurring theme in the far north.

The riddle of the Russian Pyramids is an archeological-mystery-in-progress.

Maybe we will know more in the coming months, as there is much-renewed interest in these wonders.

Kola Peninsula

The Kola Peninsula (Russian: Ко́льский полуо́стров, Kolsky poluostrov; Kildin Sami: Куэлнэгк нёаррк) is a peninsula in the extreme northwest of Russia, and one of the largest peninsulas of Europe. Constituting the bulk of the territory of Murmansk Oblast, it lies almost completely inside the Arctic Circle and is bordered by the Barents Sea to the north and by the White Sea to the east and southeast. The city of Murmansk, the most populous human settlement on the peninsula, has a population of roughly 300,000 residents.


In last few years attempts have been made to find ancient country Hyperboreu, Pramateria of all world civilizations. Traces managed to find it on the Kola Peninsula.

The first information about it belongs to the ancient times. The most ancient historians mentioned hyperboreans. The word "hyperboarder" meant "the one who lives behind Boree (Northern Wind)" or "He who lives in the north." According to an ancient source, the inhabitants of Hyperborea have had a huge number of knowledge, much more than the ancient Greeks. By the way, the ancient Greek heroes of Apollo, Hercules and Perseus had the epithetic "hyperborean".

Presumably, the hyperbore existed in the North Pole 20000 - 4000 years ago. It was a big mainland with a sufficiently soft, resembling Mediterranean, climate. There were thermal-loving animals and rustic vegetation grew. In his center - on the pole - was the legendary mountain measure.

One of the evidence of the existence of this country, scientists consider annual migration of migratory birds.

The hyperborers owned many skills - they knew how to manage the weather, fly over long distances (Naughty Perseus Hyperborean was depicted with wings on sandals), build big buildings and much more. They never hurt and lived without discord in infinite happiness. If the inhabitants of Hyperborea were happy with life, they ended their earthly path, jumping into the sea with high rocks.

Hyperborea died (went under water) because of some kind of cataclysm. According to one version, the cause of the death of ancient civilization was the fall of the meteorite, the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth, and, as a result, a sharp climate change and an increase in the water level in the World Ocean.

Some researchers believe that the surviving hyperboreans who have managed to move to the territory of Northern Europe and Asia, spread around the world, forming new peoples. They built pyramids such as in Egypt, many temples as in Greece, built Stonehenge and Arkim. Some of the direct descendants of the hyperboreans are considered to be Slavs or as scientists are called prashlanies .. In many pagan myths of Slavs, the legendary northern mainland is mentioned. Takes about the sunflower country located for the trident lands are often found in the Russian epic. The name of the Kola Peninsula itself occurred from the ancient Indo-European Sun name - Kolo. No wonder in his "centuries", Nostradamus called Russians not otherwise as the "People's Hyperborean”.

Search for evidence of existence ancient civilization Dedicated themselves to many scientists. In 1595, Gerard Mercator published a map on which an unknown mainland was indicated in the center Northern Ocean, and around him the shores of Eurasia and North America. This was preceded by a long painstaking work on the study of the remains of ancient cards and texts.

There is another mysterious document - the world map of Peir's flight. Its creation refers to 1513. All continents are applied with unusual accuracy, including still unopened Antarctica, which was depicted without ice. Such accuracy was possible only when using aerial recovery. The continents on this map are not depicted in today's position, but as they were located about 20,000 years ago.

The search for hyperborea was taken in Russia. In the 20th century at the Day of Seydizer Kola Peninsula russian researchers The remains of ancient buildings and underground moves were found, and in the vicinity of the lake - numerous petroglyphs written in Ancient Indian. Another recent find on the peninsula was the pyramids. Analysis of the data obtained in their study showed that the age of the pyramid is about 9,000 years, that is, half of Egyptian. Kola pyramids are located strictly along the West-East line and may have been used as a observatory.

Kola Peninsula May be a tortine one of the most ancient world civilizations. This is approved by scientists who committed a scientific expedition to the abandoned pyramids of the Russian North.

There are also several caves that go deep into the earth, while trying to enter which people begin to feel the strongest inexplicable horror. Hyperborea reliably stores its secrets.

This is what the scientist wrote about the hyperboreans ancient Mira Pliny Sr.: "For the hyperborean mountains, on the other side of the aquion, the lucky people live, which is called hyperboreans, reaches very old years and glorified by wonderful legends. The sun shines there, for six months, and this is only one day when the sun is not hidden from the spring Equinoxy to the autumn, the luminaries go back there only once a year at the summer solstice, and only enter the country only. The country has a fellow climate and is deprived of any harmful wind. Death comes there only from providing life. You can not doubt the existence of this nation. "

The Kola Peninsula has long been attracting the attention of researchers, travelers and tourists. According to legend, it was in these edges that the famous hyperbore was once located ...

In the early 1920s A scientific expedition headed here, headed by a well-known researcher and science fiction writer Alexander Barchenko.

The "sponsor" is unusual for his time the hike was the OGPU, so it is not surprising that the developments were classified.

According to Barchenko hypothesis, humanity originated in the north in the era of the so-called golden age, that is, about 10-12 thousand years ago. global flood Forced those who lived there, the tribes of Ariyev to leave the area of \u200b\u200bthe current Kola Peninsula and move south.

Barychenko was convinced that the hyperboreans were quite highly developed civilization - they were known for the secret of atomic energy, they were able to build aircraft and manage them ... Information about this researcher learned from the Masonic literature available to him. He also believed that the carriers of ancient knowledge about Hyperbore were the Sami shamans who were inhabited on the Kola Peninsula.

In these parts there were shamanic seids (high columns folded from stones). Those present near these structures noticed weakness, dizziness, and some were halucinations, they had a decrease or an increase in body weight. Here was also observed, the so-called, "mark", in which people repeated each other's movements, spoke on incomprehensible languages, propheted ...

It is difficult to find something similar to this "damnier", leading to bewilderment and modern psychologists who tend to compare the state of "measurement" with the state of zombies. Local residents Often explained this disease to the goats once who lived on the territory of the Kola Peninsula of the mysterious tribe of sorcerers-dwarfs, angry with people who disturb the peace of their graves.

Did there be any power of this unique occult place on the psyche of people? After all, the shamans knew how to turn ordinary mortals in obedient puppets ...

The scientific records of the expeditions of the Owner of the Russian Hyperboree operator at the Kola Peninsula of Alexander Barchenko were subsequently classified by the HCC, and then disappeared without a trace.

In 1998, the Kola Peninsula was visited by another expedition. It contained geologists, historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, philosophers and even Ufologists. The search squad was called "hyperborea-98".

On one of the slopes of Ningurt, the archaeologist Alexander Prokhorov found a weakly preserved, but powerful laying of the wall. On the height between the balancing and sederozer in one of the most hard-to-reach places stumbled upon a very ancient seider. Upstairs of this large stone, a very correct geometric shape was placed a peculiar cavity, and in it at the bottom there were coals. Isn't it a ritual associated with fire?

But, perhaps, one of the most exciting local findings is the remnants of the oldest observatory, facilities in the form of a 15-meter gutter with two visits. In structure, plan and possible functions, the construction resembled a large sextant recessed in the ground - the device of the famous Olugbeck Observatory under Samarkand ...

Expedition Head Professor V.N. Demin will later write in his book: "All these facts confirm the concept of a number of Russian and foreign scientists about the northern origin of the whole world civilization and the fact that ethnic groups in the distant past - several tens of thousands of years ago - came out from the north, and forced them to this migration natural catastrophe. And our Kola Peninsula is one of the centers of hyperborean culture. "

The last attempt to solve the secrets of the Russian North has committed a Russian expedition in 2007. The participants of the new "campaign for history" were 18 people, among whom - a spokesman for Pulkovo Observatory, Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Smirnov, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Valery Chudinov, as well as Professor, Doctor of Geological and Geographical Sciences Dmitry Subetto.

"For many of these people, the expedition was an excellent opportunity to become discoverers in their field," the author of the project emphasized. - For example, for Valery Chudinova, a stunning specialist in version Slavic writing, It was a chance for the first time to see the written letter, to read them not with photos, but from the original source. "

Nevertheless, the path of the group's expedition participants was more dangerous than they assumed.

First, the group was not lucky with the conductors. "Locals, blades, reluctantly showed the road. The first conductor said that after our "excursion" he had problems with the ancestors, and then suddenly disappeared. As a result, we had to look for a new trafficking. "

The conductor in this area is very important. The place where the pyramids are, almost vastly, 150 km around there is no soul, no paths. Do not find without a conductor and the buildings themselves: they frightened moss, lichen and small shrubs.

"We flew to the pyramids on a helicopter, but they are not at all visible on top, thanks to the vegetation they merge with a common landscape," the wolves shared.

The second complexity was associated with the helicopter, in these places are often inexplicable things. Thus, the participants of the second expedition under the leadership of Demin almost crashed during the landing and remained alive only due to the skill of pilots.

"Our Military helicopter planted much earlier: it turned out that aircraft of the Air Force were supposed to fly over the pyramids at a low altitude," the wolves told. "Only we managed to slip through the air corridor when it finally opened it for a while."

But the expectation was worth it. A miracle that seeked to researchers surpassed their expectations.

In the hills, entrusted with moss and dwarf trees, with difficulty, the ancient facilities are guessing, who are familiar with many pictures of Egypt's pyramids or South AmericaBut it's still a pyramid.

"In the expedition, we took a special device, the most modern geophysical equipment - the" OKO "georadar," the wolves told. - She "shifts" the inner space of any objects as x-ray. The output of geologists was unequivocal: the elevations are anthropogenic character, therefore, it is not natural hills, but the pyramids are the creation of human hands. "

But for which they were built exactly unknown. Scientists so far only express assumptions and no more.

Pyramids are clearly in the direction of East - West. Inside the pyramids, emptiness or cameras of the unknown manner were found. For now. For example, they were rebuilt three times: ancient people constantly expedited them in height.

According to the functional purpose of the pyramid - this is an accurate observatory, which allows you to follow the stellar sky. A system was created quite simple, with which our ancestors fixed galactic changes and studied space. In addition, the pyramids in shape resemble legendary Mountain Mere, "The Ax of the World", which is mentioned in various mythologies and world religions under different names.

Samoa ancient pyramid The world is considered the Pyramid of Goser in Sakkare, which is dating about 2630-2612. BC, but the pyramids of the Kola Peninsula are two ancient Egyptian times. Geophysics conducted research and found out that our northern pyramids were erected at least 9,000 years ago, that is, about 5000 years ago. BC. So, it is safe to say that it's not Egypt is a cradle of civilization and knowledge came after all from the north.

Who built the pyramids? It may be, if you clean the whole moss from the walls, the mystery of the golden key will open, and it turns out that these are the most legendary hyperborers who wrote Pliny senior in his " Natural History" Or the same biarmeys who wrote an ancient Icelanders in their sagas. And maybe aliens from the depths of the cosmos.

Or maybe our distant ancestors from the constellation of a large bear.

Yuri Suprunenko.

Natalia Yamnitskaya.

Yuri Kudinov: « The data and artifacts confirming the existence of ancient civilization in the Russian north are published. Speech again went about the legendary Hyperbeda. Scientists who committed a new scientific expedition to the abandoned Pyramids of the Russian North assume that the age of these man-made buildings is at least 9,000 years, which means that the Pyramids of the Kola Peninsula are twice as older than Egyptian. Consequently, it can be said that civilization did not go from the south, but from the north of our planet.

"On the expedition," her initiator and head of Yuri Kudinov told the "Culture" TV channel, "we took the most modern geophysical equipment. It "shifts" the inner space of any objects as x-ray. The output of geologists was unambiguous: the elevations are anthropogenic. That is, it is not natural hills, but the pyramids are the creation of human hands.

Moreover, they were rebuilt three times - increased her height. Inside each - the cavity of the right form. What is located there is still unknown. Their functional purpose is a fairly accurate observatory, which allows you to follow the starry sky. A system was created quite simple, with which our ancestors fixed galactic changes and studied space. Analyzes have shown that the age of this mysterious Observatory is 9 thousand years old. "

The famous scientist, doctor of philosophical sciences and author of 10 scientific and popular works, Vladimir Dyubin in 1997 made a second expedition in the history of the Kola Peninsula. The first attempt was held long before him, in 1921, under the direction of the professor, head of the Neuro-Energy Laboratory of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine Alexander Barchenko. The "sponsor" is unusual for his time the hike was the OGPU, so it is not surprising that the developments were classified.

V. Dyubin, who made a new attempt at the end of the century, could first tell the general public that many years remained a secret, in particular about mysterious facilities with anthropogenic origin, but did not have time. Scientist, returning from the trip, died suddenly ...

In 2007, a third expedition was carried out in the legendary hyperborean edge. It was a trip to the trails of expeditions by Alexander Barchenko and Vladimir Dömin. It was possible to detect religious and defensive structures, plates with mysterious signs and ruins of an ancient observatory.

Communals of the project "Rodobodok" are known that in accordance with the ancient chronicles of Orthodox Starovarov, the Slavic-Aryan Pranodina was in the North Pole of the Earth, representing a single mainland, separated by four rivers into four parts: Hara, Rai, Swag and Tula. In the midst of the mainland rose the mountain of the world (measure).

The ancestors called our pranodine yes Aria (Arctida, Hyperbori). This ancient mainland was split and partially sank in the Arctic Ocean because of the natural disaster caused by a fall on the land of one of the three moon - Leli. Parts of once a single mainboard slab broke out on the Magma of the Earth, and the continents known to us on modern cards of the world were formed.

The inhabitants of Daaria were forced to temporarily leave the earth, and then master it again, correcting, as much as the consequences of a disaster. 40 thousand years ago, the father of all Slavs and Ariyev - God Perun, during the next visit to our ancestors, told about these events recorded by priests in the Santia Perun's Vedas:

Since ancient times, when the world has established ...

Remembering from the Vedas about the acts of Dazhbog,

How he instructed the malt shosheev,

... these wins are the rulers of gray,

But Midgard paid for freedom paid

Yes Aria, Hidden Great Flood ...

On Earth from heaven, they fell a rainbow,

Midgard went down ...

13. (141). Many died at the time people

And to shove in the pane of the bear ...

One of the most important components of the gates of Transmirries and remains the pyramids built by our ancestors to establish space-time channels of interaction between the planets and star panels

Universe. These channels in the Vedas are referred to as celestial threads and are a kind of laser rays created by special space-time cameras and emitted with vertices of the pyramids in open space. These rays-threads allowed not only to carry out transitions from the planet on the planet, but also provided a sound and visual connection with other planets, star parstogs and crews of spacecraft.

As a result of natural disasters, the pyramid, together with the fragments of the former single mainland, were distributed in the face of the Earth in another, which was that relation. This violated the interaction between the pyramids of the Earth and the pyramids of other planets.

Our ancestors asked God the Perun, how to correct this violation, because members of the families of many Slavic-Aryan kindly living on Earth were in cosmols and on other planets in the "missing" position. Our Heavenly Father - God Perun answered so.

13. (141). Threads are broken again,

Therefore, the needles of heavenly color lost.

To shine again needles with flowers,

You replace icons crystals.

14. (142). Heavenly needles will be twisted again

Vera in the success of your glorious acts -

This is what the most important at this time ...

If the acts are fastened by faith,

What will prevent acts of acting?

15. (143). Ancient ties restore again

And on the appeals of descendants - the ancestors will respond

They will not be able to interfere with the speech of that alien

16. (144). Remember the people of the race are great

Everything that has told the beautiful ...

The main thing is for your descendants

These knowledge were not in vain.

Several years ago, the expedition of Russian scientists who studied pyramids of Egypt, concluded that

that they were built long before Egypt, as such. With their construction, space technologies were used inaccessible not only to the ancient Egyptians, but also modern science.

Only by ignorance Egyptians used pyramids as tombs for pharaohs, not even suspecting the true purpose of these structures.

Russian scientists suggest that the Pyramids of Egypt, along with the Pyramids of Mexico, Russia (in particular, in the Crimea and on the Kola Peninsula) is an integral part of the generallylanet energy-information and space-temporal biocomputer supporting the processes of the life of the Earth and the associated cosmic mind supporting Vital activity of the universe.

As you can see, our scientists almost completely solved the riddle of the ancient pyramids of the Earth. If Russian scientists studied the Vedic heritage of our ancestors, they would be able to make fully the right conclusions ...

In addition to the pyramids on the Kola Peninsula, scientists also discovered underground tunnels ...

In the 20s of the last century, an expedition headed by Academician A. Barchenko went to the Kola Peninsula.


Sofia Date

Its goal is to find out the reason for the strange disease of the indigenous inhabitants, the so-called "measurement", or polar psychosis. Neither of these residents suddenly threw their homes and went over a hundred kilometers. People fell into some kind of trance and resembled the most real zombies. They swinging or repeated some monotonous movements, pronounced phrases on incomprehensible tongue, did not feel pain.

Although Barchenko was the mandate of the institute of studying the brain and mental human mental activity, the expedition from other sources was financed. She passed under the patronage of Dzerzhinsky himself. The fact is that Barchenko's scientific works, and he seriously engaged in Hiromantia, telepathy and parapsychology, interested "Iron Felix". Alexander Vasilyevich was invited to work in the specialty of the OGPU. The studies of the scientist were allocated at the time of decent amounts, he had access to all archives and any information.

In the course of the study of the terrain, the expedition, which included 13 people, came across unusual LAZ leading under the ground. But it never managed to get inside the travelers. Interfered inexplicable fear that covered people. Here's the words of an eyewitness: "It was a feeling that we live with you with skin." It is in these places in people who began the "measurements" attacks. Nevertheless, the members of the expedition decided to take pictures from mystical Laza. And when the film was shown, the strange shadow of some person was discovered in the frame in the hat. It turned out that he was standing behind the photographer. However, there was no one from the outside at that time.

But the most interesting discoveries were waiting for an expedition in the Seidozer district (translated from Sami - Holy Lake). In a deserted tundra, she found some kind of geometrically regular plates, a white column, seeks. This is what I wrote down in my diary a scientist-Astrophysicik Alexander Kondiaine: "In one of the gorges, we saw a yellowish-white column, like a giant candle, and next to her a cubic stone."

On the opposite shore of the lake on the vertical surface of the cliff was clearly visible to the statome figure of a person with crucifically raised hands. Locals told such a legend. In the distant times, Giant Cyiv attacked SAMOV. They could not defeat him in any way, although bravely fought. And then asked help from their gods. Those who affected the greatests of the giant were rejected into it lightning and sealed. On the rock only and the imprint of his body remained, which was called the "Old Mud".

Map: 1531 year. Orontius-Fineus.

News of unique finds caused real sensation in Soviet Russia. Academician Alexander Barchenko was sure that he found traces of ancient, not famous civilization, the name of Hyperborea. The ancient Greeks were called hyperborets of residents of the distant north, that is, "living beyond" - northern wind, and their country itself is a hyperboree, which, as historians suggest, died 15-20 thousand years ago.

However, in the OGPU, the results of the expedition immediately sedolded. In 1937, A. Barchchenko was arrested. He has taken out books, records, diaries ... Alexander Vasilyevich accused of espionage and terrorist activities and were shot on April 25, 1938. Folders with documents remained on Lubyanka, and nothing is known about their fate.

And in 1997, expedition arrived in the Kola Peninsula mysterious hyperbores at the Kola Peninsula dr. Philosophical Sciences Valery Demyin. The members of his team also went to the sacred sederomezer, from three sides by the mountains. And they were waiting for their discoveries.

At an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level, a powerful complex was discovered: cyclopic structures, cult and defensive masonry, geometrically correct plates with mysterious signs and technician traces. And besides, the remains of the observatory, laid in rocks and a 15-meter groove with vissels, which reminds the sextant of the famous Astronomical Observatory of Ulukbek in Samarkand.

In the vicinity of Seydizer, the members of the expedition found many geoglyphs (gigantic "earthy" images). In addition to the 100-meter old man, the idiot with the cross-raised hands, on the slope of another mountain, the image is still visible on its size - about a 400-meter half-rated trident. It is almost twice as much as the magnitude of the famous white geoglyph in the form of "Candelabra", located in Peru.

According to the members of the expedition, all this confirms that an ancient civilization existed on the Kola Peninsula, the traces of which the academician Alexander Barchenko was found to be the same, the truth is not the reasons for "measurements". As Valery Demin said in one of his scientific articles: "Hyperbore has been gained again."

Map: 1592 year. Mundo Prioris Hemisphaerii Sgroten-Christian

Map: Mention of hyperborea in universal cosmography Sebastian Münster (Sebastian Münster, 1489-1552)

Whether in the Kola Peninsula, in the very center of the Lovcharist tundra was hyperbeda, scientists will still have to understand, "Member of the Expedition Igor Georgievsky said, said scientists. - But one thing is clear: there is some kind of mystery.

Map of the Arctic by Gerardus Mercator. First print 1595, this editon 1623.

Tsygankova Svetlana. Murmansk Labor №101,2004,

We invite you to discuss the topic in our group in contact -

Shamans from Kola have always been the most cores, they are still Ivan the Terrible to the court collected. And the Soviet expeditions decided to fully stated that they found traces of the ancient civilization of the hyperborei. All artifacts stayed, you can go and see ...

Kola - the territory where Saami lived. Now this is the small nationality of Russia, previously - just pagans who hang out in the north and very powerfully shamanili. Mentioning in the chronicles of the case with Ivan Grozny really is. IN soviet time Challenge was honey, and the Saamov dispersed (or drove?) in collective farms. Many were fascinated by alcohol, and now the number of people is nearing zero.

Kola is the homeland of mankind, hyperborea pratvilization. You can relate differently to this, but the artifacts of the SS Anenerbe secret service were searched here, the expedition of the most famous Occultist of the USSR was held here - Barchenko. He stated that he found irrefutable evidence of traces of hyperboreans. Now the official documents are not found about this, and the Parapsychologist himself in general, after a couple of years after the trip, they announced an enemy and shocked. So, it is quite possible that some Kondor is the capital of Hyperborea.

Kondor [i]


Peninsula are covered with lakes. Saama treated them as residents of the middle strip of Russia to the fields. Main power source. Only here Seaidozero was considered sacred, and even with a triple bottom. In the 90s, the Demin's expedition was headed here (just in the footsteps of the first Soviet), the bottom of the lake was checked by a echo sounder and found a dungeon with stone floors and a arch leading towards the mountain.


There are just one of the evidence of Barchenko. He wrote that he found an underground move from the lake to the heart of the mountain itself. There is even a photo from the spot of the find. On it, the expedition of advice and not yet collective farm saamas.

[i] Photos from the Expedition Barchenko

In the 30th, the Secretary Department of the NKVD blew up and poured the entrance to these caves. But something mysterious still remains. To do this, you need to rise to the mountain itself. Some argue that there used to be pyramids. Moreover, "before" is before the war. Now we see only a suspicious pile of stones, which, if you wish the looking, could be a pyramid. And with even greater desire, the hypersporeyev cosmolet.


If you go from the "ruins of the pyramid" on Ningurt further, you will see a lot of stones with very smooth cliffs. Blinds with very even chips. And even a stone cube with some suspiciously suspicious edges. Then you will open the gorge with the bridge, from which up and down the steps from the stone.

At the expense of this place a lot of versions, both by scientists and the mystics. If short, then here or very geometric work of nature. Or ancient temple Hyperborei. Place for spectacular service to the elements or something quite suitable.

But these are all fantasies, but traces on the stone above the "temple" date back to thousands of years. They are absolutely clear and no one can explain why, and most importantly, who did them.

Photo - Alexander Matveyev


Here you can find both shaman places. For example, under the kuyva. This is the name of a giant from the Sami legends, he was either kind, or evil - a lot of versions. The place was particularly revered, there were gatherings of northern shamans, came to the weather and harvest.

According to the "biological" essence of Kuiva - this is microcolonic mushrooms, giving a dark pigment on the rock exactly by such contour. But why the contour does not change for hundreds of years, despite the rock weakness - completely incomprehensible.


This is perhaps the most famous points of power on Kola. Usually it is called huge stones on smaller. But there may be other species, for Saamov Seid - this is any place of worship of spirits. There are many of them on the peninsula, we saw this, on Mount Ningurt. Who brought him and put on a beautiful view point? Scientists say the glacier. Mystics declare that the glacier on Kola was not at all (this is quite scientific versions), and seids are part of the ancient Observatory of Hyperborea.

There are seids in the form of stone pyramids. One of these is on the plateau opposite Ningurt, on the other side of the lake. It stands on a point with such a finely beautiful view that there is a consciousness without any ceremony.

Maybe this was the meaning of the seside, to celebrate such places?

Russian north keeps a lot of riddles. And at the same time much more accessible than it seems. All places from the article fit into one hiking route For a week. I will certainly describe it with a breakdown of days and dots for overnight stays.



Oct 09, '21
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