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Star Trek Stories and Beyond
Nov 12, '17


An epistle to my artist friend Colin in answer to his question, "I wonder where star trek got the idea from?"

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My answer

Hi Colin,

Yes the remote viewers discovered that ETs were regularly putting creative ideas into the heads of the Star Trek script writers while they slept!

Often writers including me "dream" what we must write and then awake in the night and make a few notes while we remember the details.

So many ideas concepts and details were subliminally drip fed to humanity via this method.

Cropcircles do the same

The East Field, Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire UK 1994.

For me my first proper crop circle I spent time in. Therefore very special. It was the 25th anniversary of Man landing on the Moon. July 20, 1969- July 20, 1994. I was in Dorset on holiday and awoke having felt a burst of energy at about 4am. I "knew" something profound had happened! I then drove with my Dutch friends and family for two hours to Wiltshire. Navigating by instinct I drove straight to Knap hill jumped out and there it was! Brand new, huge and for me a profile cross section of a UFO flying saucer!

The rest is history as they say but you never forget your first crop circle and like Alice stepping through the looking glass nothing is ever the same!

It gained the name The Eye so indeed it did open my eyes and show me the way forward.

2010 and the same message reiterated but showing the drive energies in action.

This could easily be incorporated into a crop circle showing the way to the stars.

No Cavalry to the Rescue

Humanity must save themselves. There is going to be no cavalry come to the rescue because that would make humans dependent on the gods with a small g. Much like as described in the old testament. Jehovah the angry god of the Hebrews was an ET with an agenda!

Humans are essentially spiritually backward and immature. This makes them lazy and if given the answer to everything they will just sit and do feck all!

Then they fall into the reptilian traps of drink drugs prostitution and any other vice going!

Respect and love for one's self first, respect and love for others follows, respect and love for all living creatures plants and animals. Then respect and love for all creation.

Creation is the correct word for humans must learn to be creative and not destructive. Destructive behaviour leads to bad karmic pay back! For quite simply what you dish out you must experience!

Hence the phrase - Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.

The greatest commandment is

Love the universal creative spirit, love one another.

So the old Wiccan saying is much the same.

Do what you may but harm no one.

The second part is deemed to mean all creation for everything us conscious. Even rocks!

Consciousness is divided into self aware and group consciousness.

A shoal of sardines for example are a group consciousness. Learning learning learning. The spirit develops and evolves into higher plants and animals. Dogs for example are becoming self aware and learning from the people who love them. Also learning hate from humans that mistreat them. All animals learn those things.

Eventually a sentient animal becomes self aware and capable of individual memory and identity. They are then 180 degrees from the universal consciousness. They think they are isolated and their actions of greed, War, violence, lust etc so the strong conquer the weak. But then they come back as the weak!

The murderer becomes the murder victim! For we must learn the effects of our actions. Thus the universe maintains balance.

All induced negativity on this planet is designed to stop humans advancing spiritually. It's deliberate!

Fear rules through the news and media

Control thoughts and you control reality.

So keep being creative, teach others to be creative. Pass on you wisdom and spread love and light where ever you wander.

Big hug

Ian X

PS Beware

Hollywood is run by the Negative Satanic Elite that would enslave humanity as cattle in a field for their own abuse. So even the mighty ideals of Star Trek have been preverted and subliminally suggested as the series goes on.

Note the less than subtle reference to the All Seeing Eye and Pyramid!

The New World Order concept in logo. Follow what he may but harm no one!

You choose?

Nov 12, '17
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