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Crop Circle Exhibition
Jul 24, '15

On until August 28, 2015. The Crop Circle Exhibition in St Peter's Church at the end of Marlborough High Street in Wiltshire, UK is well worth a visit.

Monique Klinkenberg and her team have worked diligently to put on a comprehensive and impressively professional exhibition in this beautiful historical church.

Cardinal Wolsey was ordained their in 1498.

Entry is free.

The aim is to provide a unique insight into the history and beauty of this impressive unexplained phenomenon.

The local area being an epicentre of formations and sacred sites it is high tune that the phenomenon was presented to the public in an informative and comprehensive way.

Very Impressive!

I had the pleasure of listening to visitors experiences and answering their questions for a day. If I lived more locally I would be there everyday as I think that this is long overdue.

The overwhelming positivity was quite infectious!

Bravo Team Monique!!!

Jul 24, '15
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