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Natural Beauty
Jul 12, '15

Nature has been there done that and got the reward way before mankind! So copy and learn from nature.

Lives of Shintoism, Buddhism and Druidism were indeed a welcome educational break from trying to help human historical evolution by intervention. Also much less karmic in terms of payback!

Dymchurch beach holds treasure but you have to observe.

After exercising in various disciplines of Karatedo and Tai Chi I took time to reflect and noticed a trail of seagull foot prints in the damp sand ahead of the advancing tide that I was enjoying playing with.

I was impressed by the beauty of the soft marks which reminded me of the Japanese Kanji calligraphy characters I love to paint.

In a moment of connection I realised that the razor shell I had collected was the inspiration for the Japanese sword shape and grip.

My human form foot print reminded me that I was part of this natural design system and also that my physical lives should be lived as foot prints on the beach of time. A gentle impression that does not damage creation and is swept away in the fullness of time.

I then placed a fractal vortex spiral shell I had discovered being wafted in the foamy brine of the incoming current.

I marvelled at the consummate lesson in universal secrets it held in plain sight. The golden phi spiral of immortality, fractal based, the principle of creative implosion that Viktor Schauberger had observed.

The vortex principle is the secret of UFO propulsion, stargates and time travel!

Earlier a human artefact had floated gently by brushing my foot. It was the last of my 3 items I had serendipitously found on the way back to the sea wall so I added that to my collection.

I mused at how simplistic the human mind is in creating sterile straight line designs requiring minimal imagination. Sheer laziness for I know that a beautiful feminine curve is much more sexy and natural than any male minded straight line!

Napoleon was obsessed like the Romans with straight lines as being the shortest route between two points and ruthlessly efficient for military purposes.

How sad! For the pretty route although longer to travel allows time to observe and gaze in wonder at the beauty of creation.

My footprint included! A triumph of natural design and creation.

On returning to the sea wall walkway I offered the plastic spade to a passing couple. Their Asian looking young son accepted the gift from the universe once I had "Dad's" approval. " I've asked on the beach and no one owns or wants it. I'm sure he can put it to good use." I said. As I sat down to dry and brush the sand off of my feet.

I puzzled as they were both Caucasian?

Dad smiled and for a moment thanked me and they walked on. He was a fellow cosmically aware spiritual person judging by his smart casual surf style dress, hair and delicate nautically themed earring.

Then a few paces behind the the young boy's mother came deep in conversation.

I understood then that they were all friends.

"Where did he get the spade from?" She enquired of the Dad.

As he explained to Mum's enquiry I added, "Beautiful day! It is a free gift from the universe, enjoy! I've asked on the beach and it belongs to no one. I'm sure he can put it to good use!" I reiterated.

She smiled, thanked me and satisfied with these unexpected events continued walking.

It was then......

I thought Mum may possibly be Japanese?

Perhaps the universe was approving of my observations and insights with a tangible sign?


Jul 12, '15
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